How to enjoy time on the commute to work

If you spend hours in the car or bus every day, you know that braving long commutes to work can ruin anyone's patience. Although it seems like a great waste of time, the commute can be enjoyable and very productive. Check out some suggestions for how to use time while going to work profitably.

Get more beautiful

With so much rush, sometimes there is no time to apply a simple lipstick, let alone prepare a neat makeup. But believe me, it is possible to come face to face and get to work with a flawless make-up, as if you had spent a good few minutes in front of the mirror.

The secret is to always carry a bag with basic products such as: facial sunscreen, foundation, compact powder, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, blush, lipstick and eyeshadow. Slowly apply make-up between bus stops or take advantage of the traffic jam, but without disturbing others in traffic.

Read a book

How many books have you read this year? If the answer was none and you use public transport to get from home to work every day, you are wasting a good opportunity. For those who don't have the habit of reading, it may seem a little difficult to get started, but if you keep reading, you'll soon realize how interesting and fun it can be to enjoy your time in the company of a good book.

Learn something new

There are several things you can learn while driving, riding a bus, train or subway. There are audio lessons you can listen to if you want to learn a new language, hone your work skills or learn more about a subject of interest. It is a different and fun way of learning.

Check your emails

A smartphone is great for always being connected to social networks and having your favorite games always at hand, among other facilities. But how about taking the time on the way back from work to check your emails and other messages? As long as you're not driving, of course.

So when you get home you can devote yourself totally to your chores and spend more time with family, away from your phone and computer.

Organize your finances

Take notes to later update your personal budget spreadsheet. List your day or week spending, make notes on what you can cut to save and plans to invest your savings.

Make a to-do list

You can be more efficient if you organize your tasks through lists. These can include not only things that are outstanding at work, but also what you need to do at home. Making shopping lists or with your family calendar ensures you don't get lost with dates or important things.


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