How to fix a smudge on makeup

Accidents happen, even at makeup time. If you have slipped and ruined all your work, loaded too much on any product or makeup has melted over time, don't despair. Little tricks help to fix a smudge on makeup doing minor touches without removing everything.

Stained eyes

To remain beautiful and well-made, eye makeup must be untouchable. But sometimes, minor unforeseen events such as a small speck in the eye can happen in the makeup area. If it was impossible to avoid and you ended up with your finger to relieve the itching, the blur in the eye can be touched up quickly without anyone noticing that it was smudged.

If the eyeshadow used had a creamy texture, you can fix it by taking advantage of the product that is already on the eyelid. With your fingers, lightly tap where there is still shadow and spread to the faulty parts.

Now, if the eyeshadow had a powdery texture, use a little brush or even finger to reapply the product over the damaged part, always distributing well so that the intensity is equal throughout the eyelid. If necessary, match the tone on the other eyelid and that's it. Problem resolved in minutes.

Drained pencil

Just as shadows can be smudged, the eyeliner can drip, detonating your look. If this has happened, it is certainly because your product is not waterproof or you have rubbed your eyes before the product dries. Correcting the drained pencil is simple: just wipe the under eye area with a cotton swab or cotton swab moistened with makeup remover, then apply some foundation and concealer to even out the skin tone again. That done, reapply the eyeliner.

Blurred eyeliner

It takes skill and patience to first hit the eyeliner's trait. After applying, if the scratch is not perfect and you notice a slight blur just above the eyes marking the eyelid or even if the pull at the end of the outer corner of the eyes becomes a little crooked, you do not need to remove all the trace and do it again. Just use a cotton swab dampened with makeup remover or even water to hit the stroke the way you want.

Melted lipstick

Lipstick, especially in bold colors, may become marked or stained over time. In some cases it can also drip, staining the face. To correct the smudges of brighter lipsticks in the mouth, it is necessary to remove the excess with a paper and apply again. To mask the smudge of lipstick left on the skin, apply the foundation near the lips and around the mouth and finish with a little powder.

Then, to apply the lipstick and make sure that it does not drain again, outline the outline of the lips with a lip pencil in the shade of the lipstick. One trick to make the red lipstick last longer and to keep the tone always uniform is to paint the entire mouth using the same contour pencil and finish applying the lipstick with a brush to ensure good coverage without exaggerating the amount of product.

Glowing skin

Who has oily skin knows that hours after applying makeup, the face is glowing, with that melted appearance, sometimes even stained in some regions. To control excessive brightness, always have paper tissues to clean the shiny part of the skin. To bring the velvety effect back, apply face powder all over the face or just in the? T? of the face, which usually has greater oiliness.

Too much blush

The blush should always be applied in a controlled and gentle way, all to give that healthy look to the face and not leave much exaggerated marks. If during make up you loaded too much into the application, remove the? Clown? with the help of a specific powder brush. Remove excess blush, then reapply the compact powder to the area to slightly neutralize the strong, marked tone.

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