How to get into family debt

If you wanna know how to get out of debt look for another article. Here my intention is to get to where it all begins: What thoughts make you get into debt with your whole family. They are powerful rationalizations and commendable emotional impulses that give you high installments and perhaps a negotiation in court with some financial institution. Let's go to the 04 arguments:

1 ? To establish your standard of living consult your credit and not your income, after all, the installments fit in my pocket.

We live in the country of credit and not income. We are bombarded with attractive card proposals and bank loans (the proposals only omit that we live in the country of interest and that much of our income goes straight out of our pocket to financials, but that's fine, in the end there is always a knack).

So if you want to get into debt quickly, just offer a credit card to your loved ones and set your credit limit rather than your household budget as a consumption threshold. But rest assured, the best of the party is that you can split it up to 12X. Just make an account of what you will pay per month and ignore the full amount of debt that all will be well.

2 ? Prevent your children from being discriminated against in school and buying everything other peers have.

Who is a parent knows: Our role is to provide the best for our children. And as this world is so busy we have to privilege the? Best? otherwise how will our children know they are loved? How will you feel accepted in the world if you don't wear the same sneakers or expensive backpack as your peers? And how can they get fit if they don't make the same trips and trips? No matter how much you earn and how much it costs, your child cannot be left behind!

3? Carpe Diem Family moments are priceless. Deliver amazing experiences at all costs. Live the here and now and enjoy the moment to make good purchases.

We need to promote unique experiences! So that trip on sale may be within your reach, after all, who never committed a madness for love of family? Enjoy and go to Disney with your family, even if your home is late and you don't have a penny in savings. Your children are growing up and it may be that in a few years everything is too late. And how to leave for tomorrow if all you have is today? For peace of mind, just remember the cost of travel installments and skip on-site expenses? This will help you sleep better.

4? We work so hard, we work so hard! We deserve to see the reward for our work!

Who has never gone into a shoe store and done crazy using the mantra: I work hard and deserve this. True, we have to do justice to our own card and correct the capitalist injustices of this world: those who work need access to everything they see! So keep on consuming it, but don't forget to repeat before bedtime: I'm a hard worker, I deserve this. Who knows if you say it often and in faith, the financial companies will finally recognize your effort and forgive your debts? Keep trying?

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