How to identify that your child has vision problems

Childcare starts at prenatal care. It is at this time that the gynecologist monthly monitors the evolution and development of your child throughout pregnancy. When the little one is born, preventive tests are done against various diseases. One of them is called red reflection, known as eye test. You know what it is?

According to ophthalmologist Flávia Luz, it is an examination performed by the pediatrician where a light source is emitted in the baby's eyes. This reflection of light helps the practitioner to analyze if the child has any vision problems. When the baby gets red eyes, there is no abnormality. If the doctor identifies the white color in the eyes, it may be that there is some change and therefore, you need to take it to the ophthalmologist to evaluate it ?, explains.

Another way to identify is also in family photos. If the child appears in the photograph with red eyes, there are no signs of abnormality. However, if there is a whitening, you need to consult the doctor. "These are basic cares that are easily observed by parents," comments Flávia.


The ophthalmologist explains that the vision of babies develops over time. In the early months it is common for the child not to have a stare, and give the impression of even a lost look. Is it also normal for the newborn to look towards the brightest environment ?, he says.

But if there is no fixation on the eye over time, it is ideal to ask the ophthalmologist's opinion. The child will recognize people and objects over time. In the first months, she starts to play with the little feet, the little hands and even the objects. If the parents realize that she still has the non-fixed gaze, you need to take her to the doctor to analyze ?, suggests Flávia.

In the school

Over the years, the child's visual system develops day by day, until when she is four years old, she has the vision of an adult.

It is possible for parents to notice symptoms that identify that their child has some vision problem. ? You need to be aware of children who are very agitated and who can not stop to paint the drawings, for example. Difficulty concentrating may mean that your child needs to wear glasses, for example. But this will only be decided with the analysis of the professional ?, he says.

How can I tell if my child has a vision problem? (April 2021)

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