How to improve memorability

Have you ever imagined forgetting your credit card password just in time to pay a purchase? The stress and rush of everyday life can impair your memorization capacity. To combat this problem, the first tip is to look for relaxing activities. The secret to the good functioning of the mind It is the feeling of being well with the whole body.

Tue good memory It is important for both personal and professional life. Imagine as an example students who have to study books and handouts for exams. If they do not record the information in memory, sure will have future problems.

To improve memorability and to quickly and efficiently record any information, there are easy and effective tricks. Check it out below:

1. Human beings have five senses. Why use just one of them to memorize moments, information or scenes? Use hearing, smell, touch, taste and sight to record something in the mind. Using multiple senses to record information in memory can make it easier to try to remember it later.

2. Try to establish relationships between the new records you are trying to make and the memories you already have. Relating ideas can be a great alternative to taking back memories.

3. Technical terms and dense information can be condensed into rhymes and little songs that are easily recorded by the mind. For example, who doesn't remember the English alphabet song?

4. Understand the content and try to develop interest in it. The human mind tends to record more easily the information one is interested in.

5. Repeat what you just memorized in a conversation. This is a technique widely used by students, as applying information stored in the mind in a conversation activates long-term memory.

6. Eating habits also influence an individual's ability to memorize. Because one of the activities that the human organism must perform to retrieve information in memory is related to glucose metabolism and oxygenation of the body. Factors influenced by diet. With a balanced diet and healthy habits the memorization of new facts can benefit. Ingestion of excess fat impairs blood circulation and glucose metabolism.

For the psychologist Fabiana Mendonça, in addition to the techniques, who wants to have a good ability to memorize, must be well with himself:? The thought and memory will work better when the person is in good health and especially rested.?

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