How to keep the car organized

We care a lot about the cleanliness and organization of the various environments in the house, our workplace, and sometimes we neglect the vehicle we use leaving it unorganized.

It is natural that in the rush of everyday life we ​​end up leaving several objects in the careither for lack of time, laziness or practicality; after all when you need the object it will already be there in the car.

However, keep the car organized It is not just a matter of personal whim, but also of safety. The more belongings you leave in the car, the more the car becomes attractive to thieves who want to do small thefts. Is it worth having a broken glass or door because of the mess you left in the car? No, so be careful.

Another very important issue that should not be overlooked is that during very sudden braking, objects that are loose by the car can be thrown at the passengers and the driver. Even objects that are not sharp can pose a risk to their physical integrity. Therefore, the ideal is to avoid the accumulation of items inside the vehicle.

For you who do not have much choice and need to leave some things in the car, the ideal is to leave only what is extremely necessary. In addition, it is recommended to keep objects out of sight of those outside the car. For example, books and clothing may be left under the seats so as not to draw the attention of those passing by the car.

Another tip is to invest in organizers for car. Carrying objects that can be attached to the doors or front seat help keep things in order and prevent danger. Also use the very organizers that cars have, such as the glove box and pen and paper space.

You can also choose a day of the week to do a car overhaul and remove anything that is unnecessary. Thus you do not allow objects to accumulate inside the vehicle. Also take the time to vacuum and remove any dirt with a damp cloth. This way you take care of the organization and also maintain the cleanliness of the car.

Also consider maintaining a car trash can in your vehicle to avoid littering the floor or seats. But remember to remove the contents from the trash often to avoid bad odors or attract insects like cockroaches and ants.

Suggestions of what you can keep in the car

  • A bottle of water;
  • A change of clothes;
  • Car manual and necessary documents;
  • All emergency and safety items the car needs;
  • Reusable bags for any purchases on the market.

Those with small children also need to leave all necessary items in the car, such as a folding stroller, safety seat and bag that the baby or child may need.

We advise you not to leave the front of the car and the GPS device in the car, especially since it can spoil if the car is exposed to heat, they can be attractive to thieves.

Follow the tips for keep your car always in order and avoid risky situations for you and others who share the car with you.

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