How to make the most of duty free shopping

Travel season is also good for shopping in airport duty free shops. But you need to follow some tips to make the most of this opportunity. Check out the tips of those who already bought a lot in duty free stores and pack in shopping.

Duty free shops, or duty free shops, have some rules they need and should be remembered when shopping. There is a limit to the products and the value of the purchase when you are returning to Brazil.

This limit is for 10 products per segment (cosmetics, for example) and the total purchase price should not exceed $ 500 per person. However, if you're really inspired to buy, you can take friends or a mate and spend using someone else's limit.

The IRS is exempt from tax on clothing and personal effects of your luggage (as long as they are in a travel compatible quantity) as well as books and periodicals.

While the rest of the objects are only exempt up to a maximum of $ 500 dollars and if you take more than that you will have to pay tax on the products.

Another important tip for anyone who wants buy at duty free stores is that many of them accept reservations online and this can make your life a lot easier. And if the store doesn't offer this service, make at least a list of what you want in advance so that you can focus on what you really need and then get out of the store with the products you wanted so badly.

Also, it is important to get organized when shopping. If you want to buy heavier objects (drinks, for example) or if you are going to buy a lot of items, it is best to leave to make this purchase on the return trip so as not to bother carrying a single shopping bag throughout the trip.

When shopping at duty free stores, check for promotions and giveaways available. Stay tuned for the store magazine and look for giveaways so you can get out with more than you expected. Giveaways can range from imported brand names to cosmetic samples, so it's worth looking for.

Buy in store duty free This is a great opportunity to purchase imported products at a more affordable price, but be careful not to overdo it and have problems with the amount of products you purchase when you go through surveillance. Follow the tips and shop without a headache.

More information about duty free shopping: IRS.

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