How to organize engagement party

The announcement of engagement It can be a big party with many guests or a more intimate gathering, just for family and close friends, it all depends on the wishes of the future couple.

So for organize engagement party Ideally, start by making the guest list and define the type of party you want to have. The number of guests for the engagement party is up to the couple, who should always consider the budget available for the party planning.

The engagement invitations They can be very simple, containing only the necessary information such as time, date, place and must be delivered personally by future bride and groom at least one month in advance.

Timing can greatly influence the choice of what will be served to guests. Parties during the day can be more relaxed and it is worth doing a cocktail with different snacks and drinks to a barbecue.

Night celebrations call for a more sophisticated menu, with starters and a more elaborate main course. If you want to hire a buffet service, remember that everything must be arranged in advance.

The environment chosen for Engagement partyWhether it is a ballroom, a restaurant or even the home of a bride and groom, you can get a simple décor that has to do with their personality. Some suggestions for engagement party decoration They are using flowers, candles, balloons or pictures of the couple.

There is no right or wrong and no rules in engagement party organization. The important thing is that the occasion is cause for much celebration, as it begins a new stage in the relationship of a couple.

How to Plan an Engagement Party (April 2021)

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