How to organize the bedding

How do bedding These items are exchanged less frequently, and we often fail to organize them properly. So, when you need to change a sheet or pillow case, you lose a lot of time until you find what you need. Therefore, we selected some suggestions on how to store bedding to make everything well organized.

The first of these is to always try to wash the whole set of bedding together. That is, wash the cover sheet, bed cover sheet and pillowcases at once. This way you avoid problems such as finding only one item from each set and having to mix pieces when you put them to bed.

When storing bedding, also adhere to the rule of keeping the whole set. Fold all the game's components together and use one of the pillowcases to wrap the set, like some kind of envelope. So all your games will form envelopes of similar size and shape, which makes it easier to store.

The idea of store bedding Inside pillow cases is also valid for comforters and blankets. You can arrange the bedding envelopes in stacks inside a closet for this purpose or even inside the closet. Batteries can be separated by color, size or even by type of print.

Just before the start of winter, remove the heavy parts from the cabinet and wash them before use. Thicker comforters and blankets should dry for three to four days to ensure they do not get wet. It is interesting to have at least one light cover in an accessible place if you are surprised by an unexpected cold.

Remember that using bags for organize the bedding This is not always a good idea as fabrics can pick up moisture, create mold and dust mites. If using them, prefer TNT or woven bags. Try to keep your most frequently used items in the most accessible places and store the winter items in the cabinet tops. This way your bedding will be well organized and well cared for, ready to use and easy to reach.

15 Tips For Organizing Your Linen Closet! MissLizHeart (April 2021)

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