How to organize the pantry

When cooking, there is nothing more practical than having all the ingredients at your fingertips in the blink of an eye. Stopping the recipe in the middle of the preparation for missing an ingredient or because you have noticed that one of them has expired can disrupt everything. So it is best that the products are always in order in the pantry. If you have no idea of how to organize the pantry, know that there are no mysteries. Check out some tips and learn how to do it.

Who runs the house, usually knows the recipes that repeat the house week, how much and the brands of the most used products. The first tip for organize the pantry It starts with the shopping list. Knowing what will be bought makes it easier to store what will be used first and what will be stored longer.

Leave a list in the kitchen, note the product the day it is over so you don't run out of buying it on your next supermarket visit. In addition, still correct in quantities and saves on purchases.

Once you arrive from the grocery store, wipe your groceries with a damp cloth. As they are exposed on the shelves, the packaging may have dust and other accumulated dirt. Also take the opportunity to wipe the pantry shelves only then save the food.

Always put new products behind those left over from the previous month. It is a way of always using those that have been stored longer and not letting them expire before consumption. Take the time to check the expiration date of all products and which ones will expire soon.

An well organized pantry must have items grouped by category. For example, use a shelf for rice, beans, flour, sugar, salt and pasta. On another shelf, put sauces, tomato paste, mayonnaise and bodywork such as peas and corn, use another for sweets, milk powder, chocolate milk, condensed milk.

A great tip from how to organize the pantry It is to collect small items, such as jelly boxes, in a larger box or in a plastic container.

If products like rice, beans, corn, flour, teas and other dehydrated products have long been in the pantry, make sure you don't have those little beetles that attack the stored food, the crabs.

Use the lower shelves for napkins and paper towels, disposable plates and heavier products such as soda bottles. It is also important to remember that cleaning products should always stay away from food.

These are just suggestions, but you can fix it your way according to your routine. The idea is always to keep the well organized pantry for easy access to what you need.


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