How to overcome a layoff

THE resignation It is one of the most common and most difficult situations to be faced in working life. There are ways to prevent a layoff, but when it does happen, what comes next is a certain emotional upheaval that makes the moment even more complicated. In this situation, some people end up getting carried away by a wave of negativity that ends up blocking the possibilities of a new jobBut there is a way out.

Take care of your self esteem

One of the main points that needs to be addressed when facing a situation of unemployment, is your self-esteem. Always be aware of your qualities and do not be shaken by dismissal. Remember the reasons that put you in the company and value these strengths by investing in your personal marketing. It is also important not to exclude yourself and maintain your leisure activities. Don't be shy about telling your friends what happened, after all a lot of people go through it and it's a natural process.

Try to stay active and avoid staying at home watching TV all day in your pajamas, this only negatively contributes to your self-esteem. Some suggestions of what to do to stay active is to practice reading and physical activity, such as cycling or walking.

Spend less

In this time of unemployment, try to spend less and save more. We know that in the event of dismissal, unemployment insurance is guaranteed, but this is not always enough for this period. As it is still a phase of financial uncertainty, it is best to be sure not to miss the end of insurance and not have to make loans or financing. This way you stay more relaxed and prepared to live the jobless months.

Invest in Professional Development

After a resignation, you must look for a new job and for this you need to be updated with the news of your industry. Try to take courses and attend lectures. In addition to gaining more knowledge in the field, you will keep in touch with your career and broaden your professional contacts. An inexpensive way to expand your networking is through social networking.

Make a plan of your professional development. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses and stay focused on what you want to develop in your professional career. It is also advisable that you update your resume and prepare well for future job interviews.

Another interesting tip is that when looking for a new job opportunityYou should never complain about your previous jobs during interviews. Show respect for your past employers so that the company you are looking for in the new position feels more confident about hiring. Also do not diminish and value your positive aspects during these interviews and possible group dynamics.

Either way, it is essential to keep stress and anxiety under control to stay strong and be able to reverse this situation as soon as possible. Also remember that if you can, you should be patient and look for better opportunities if current vacancies are not exactly what you want.

How To Overcome A Layoff (April 2021)

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