How To Overcome Celiac Disease

Scientifically proven and in accordance with the behavior of human beings studied by the area of ​​psychology is defined that the act of eating is one of the great pleasures we find in life. Until that moment everything flows well. However, when this pleasure is affected for some reason, it can bring us a range of trauma, depression, doubt and of course unhappiness. In the old days when some genetic alteration or organ failure was diagnosed as a response to our own health-related inconsistencies, everything was new, hopeless, and many believed they could not even lead a peaceful life.

Today, thanks to studies and technologies, even after discovering some disease that we will have to treat ourselves for a lifetime it is possible to live many years. And what is better, with quality of life.

Today we will talk about celiac disease. But what is and what causes celiac disease?

THE celiac disease It is a permanent gluten intolerance that affects individuals with genetic predisposition. It usually manifests in childhood, between the first and third year of life (in the introduction of banned cereal-based baby food, crackers, bread, noodle soups), and can occur at any age, including adulthood. But to continue, we need to remember what the gluten. Gluten is a protein present in wheat, oats, barley and the by-product of barley, which is malt, rye and all foods and products prepared with these cereals. It harms and damages the small intestine villi impairing the absorption of nutrients from food.

Symptoms vary from person to person but are usually characterized by chronic diarrhea, bloating, vomiting, anemia, consequently weight loss, growth retardation, irritation and apathy.

O celiac treatment It's the total lifelong exemption of gluten in the diet, including forbidden grains that, like gluten, can't be eaten in the slightest bit. And hence comes the question:? But doctor, what now? For the rest of my life, can I no longer eat bread, pasta, pizza, cake, biscuits, crackers, chips, beer or whiskey?
If gluten is added in the preparation, the answer is yes, but if done especially without this protein, the answer is no.

Most of the foods we are used to eat have a certain amount of gluten. But it's like in-office comment: any diet requires a sacrifice, and for the celiac it's no different. The ideal is to educate yourself. It's like a weight loss diet, instead of taking whole milk for skim milk (which many find difficult at first, but after adaptation doesn't live without it). The gluten intolerant will have to learn how to replace his gluten foods with those who don't have, learn and create gluten free recipes.

Today the specialized trades that market products for this group are growing. They are prepared for cakes, sweets, flours and ready-made products, breads, cakes, all gluten free.

If you have discovered or are suspected of being a gluten intolerant Due to your symptoms, see a specialist, doctor or nutritionist who will order the tests and perform an analysis. Never underestimate yourself for it, on the contrary. Raise your head and chase after gluten-free specialty stores and create your own recipes, schedule your food. Many intolerants have thereby found their survival.

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