How to overcome the fear of driving

For some women, being able to drive is synonymous with independence and practicality. For others, facing traffic can be a real adventure, especially in big cities. Having to deal with traffic jams, bus queues, drivers and motorcyclists that don't respect the laws and do what they want through the streets and avenues are some of the reasons that many people give up driving.

There are those who have never tried driving, but many people have passed the driving school and the driving test successfully. However, he put the license in the drawer and never took it away. The most frequent fears are to take the car out of the garage, park, run over someone, crash the car, climb hills, among others.

In most cases, this bad feeling is just too much anxiety. In others, the afraid to drive It is generated by the fear of receiving criticism, by some trauma, accident or simply a previous fright.

Because they have a more emotional profile, women are more vulnerable in this case. Traffic pressure is much greater for them. Not only because it's chaotic and aggressive, but because many drivers still insist on finding a woman's seat in the tank, not the steering wheel. And they make a point of remembering this when they realize the first female mistake on the streets.

But how to overcome the fear of driving?

The best way to lose fear of driving, is driving. Dealing with feeling and trying to get used to it are essential measures to overcome it. But everything must be done gradually. First, help is needed to correct technical failures in driving learning, this gives more security. Then it's time to start doing small tasks until you gain confidence behind the wheel.

Don't worry about going slow. Start by taking a walk around the block, and when you are ready, take a little risk, then increase the distances.

If even with the help of a friend or relative you cannot overcome the fear of drivingThe solution may be to seek treatment. Going through psychotherapy sessions will help you better understand the emotional aspects that lead to the discomfort reaction when driving a car. Rescuing self-esteem and controlling anxiety also help to overcome this phobia.

A few more tips:

  • Start driving in places with little car and pedestrian movement;
  • Avoid driving with someone talking next to you or with music, your priority is to focus on traffic;
  • Learning to listen to car noises is essential. Remember the lessons at the school: the car asks to change gear, for example;
  • If the car dies in a busy place and the driver behind it starts honking, no panic. Keeping calm is paramount. Start again without stress.

10 Tips For Overcoming The Fear Of Driving (April 2021)

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