How to plan a wedding in a few months

Although many brides begin their wedding preparations up to a year in advance, others end up doing it quickly. It is increasingly common to see couples who decide to go to the altar and organize everything in a few months.

There are plenty of reasons to have a quick wedding. It may be the need for a change of city for professional reasons, the unexpected arrival of a baby or simply the anxiety about making the marriage official.

Reasons aside, if you are short on time, be aware that a wedding can be arranged in six months or less. Just be disciplined and follow some valuable tips to avoid getting lost in the midst of so many tasks.

Check out now what it takes to have a beautiful ceremony in a few months. Then get down to business and waste no time.

Budget and schedule

The first thing to do to plan a wedding in a few months is to set the available budget. Knowing how much you can spend makes it easy to make all the important decisions. That means ordering the dress, the bridesmaids' dresses, choosing the church and party decor, hiring a photographer, the buffet, deciding on the honeymoon.

After setting your priorities, list all tasks and set up a schedule. You can do this in the company of your fiancé, it is important that the two participate together in each step of the planning and share tasks. Try to meet the deadlines and if something does not go as expected, no panic. The nervousness will only get in the way.

Be flexible

Because weddings are usually planned at least a year in advance, some of your choices may not be available. A good example of this is the location of the ceremony.

If it is difficult to find a hall or church, be flexible. How about borrowing that beautiful cottage from your friend? With a good deal of creativity you can find creative alternatives and have a surprising end result.

Ask for help

Hiring a team that specializes in event planning is the most practical solution for those who don't have time to waste on wedding preparations. However, as the service does not always fit in the pocket of the couple, the way is to resort to friends, especially those who have recently married.

Ask for tips on good suppliers, ask questions about the organization and details of the big day. To close friends, you can delegate functions such as taking care of guest list confirmation, making souvenirs, for example. In addition to saving, you also have the good company of loved ones in planning a unique and so special moment.

Have a good time!

Of course you will be in a hurry and quite busy, but even full of things to do, be sure to have time to have fun with the wedding preparations. Having less time than most brides to take care of everything doesn't mean you can't enjoy every minute of it. If you can, record your feelings. Write down everything, it will be good and exciting memories.

HOW TO PLAN A WEDDING IN 3 MONTHS! || Savannah Lewie (April 2021)

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