How to resign properly

When it comes to the job market, the saying goes that "the first impression is the one that stays?" goes a little further. It can be said that in professional life, the? Last impression? is also remarkable, and therefore, all care is little until the time of resign.

After receiving a tempting offer or recognizing that the position you hold at the company is no longer enough for you and making the final decision to resign, the hardest part may come: communicate officially without neglecting your professional image. But just a few tips to maintain posture until the last moment.

The first to be notified of your departure should be your boss. Only after talking to him should you go to his superiors? in case you have ? or comment with some industry colleague.

After all, if word gets out before your official announcement, it may reach your boss's ear as in the "cordless phone" joke. That is, the reasons for your resignation may come totally distorted on the other side, and that's not cool.

The best thing is to open the game, be honest and explain the real reasons that led her to make the decision to leave the company. It may be offering a more challenging job, a more attractive salary. But do it yourself, email not even think. Make an appointment in person and then deliver the written request to formalize the resignation.

What many people need to know is that the time to resign may not be ideal for doing dirty laundry, discussing past situations, and resolving differences.

If you have already decided to leave the company, there is no need to wear it out by doing so. Just thank them for their learning and experience during the time they were part of the team.

Do not fall into the mistake that many people make to resign is the other day not appearing in the company. Keep your professional attitude to the end and don't let the resignation make you a lazy, inattentive, lazy employee. Follow the notice by keeping your obligations on time.

Tue good professional relationships It is essential and can make all the difference. A new job opportunity does not necessarily mean that you will never need the previous one. You have to be aware that the world goes around and you cannot predict tomorrow. So do not feed enmities and leave the doors always open for you.

How to Resign From Your Job the Right Way (Stage 5 of Career Change) (May 2021)

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