How to save time preparing meals

Take the children to school, go to work, brave the traffic on the way home, and finally prepare the family dinner. This is the routine of contemporary women, who have to reconcile the figure of mother, wife and professional. Such responsibility and dedication leave no room for leisure or personal care. For this reason, women are increasingly looking for alternatives to reduce time dedicated to daily tasksas the preparation of meals.

To achieve this reduction, the option is to keep the food of the week frozen. But as food is serious, especially when it comes to children, women are still afraid to adhere to this practice. However, it is important to know that when frozen, the development of microorganisms and the process of food spoilage is slowed down, all will depend on how they will be handled before and after freezing.

Practicality is what drives the daily life of the modern family. What woman never chose to fry a hamburger than cook a nutritious piece of meat? Instead of using easy-to-prepare, unhealthy foods, the solution may be to thaw rice, beans, and accompaniment within minutes. This is a way to meet the family's nutritional need and save time, as dinner preparation is not the last task of the day.

On Sunday, a day off and therefore more free time, it is possible prepare dinner all week. The key is to make a critical selection of the menu, cook it and keep it frozen in portions. "After cooking the food in sufficient quantity to meet the chosen period, just freeze each one in a container and separate them into daily portions," says nutritionist Tamires Oliveira.

Each serving should contain what is needed for a meal, since after thawing, the food should not be frozen again. After defrosting, food should be consumed within 24 hours. A good time-saving tip is to take the food out of the freezer and let it thaw in the fridge ?, suggests the nutritionist.

Defrosting also deserves special attention. Each food requires its own way of being defrosted. But in order to keep the frozen foods from losing nutrients, it is ideal to use boiling water and steam cooking ?, explains Tamires.

Rice, beans, meat, fish and chicken, commonly used foods, can be frozen. Therefore, the variety of the weekly menu is guaranteed. And to accompany you, a salad is always welcome. "It's important to balance the meal with a salad and a dessert fruit," recommends the nutritionist. In general, preparing salads is easy: wash, cut and season.

Last tip: It is important to always use what has been in the freezer for the longest time. To keep this control the ideal is to label everything that is frozen. Pay attention to recommendations, save time, and worry only about getting your family around the table.

Cooking Tips to Save You Time & Energy (January 2021)

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