How to smudge wallpaper?

A growing trend is to use wallpaper in decoration to make the environments more cheerful, cozy. It is an easy solution to enhance your new home or totally transform old walls.

Today there is a wide range of color options, textures and motifs to create stylish and personalized environments. The wallpapers allow you to create different effects, as they can be applied to the whole wall, half wall or just stripes.

Wallpaper application is practical, quick and safe. It is sufficient that the walls are clean and smooth to prevent the appearance of imperfections. Provided it is well applied and properly cared for, the wallpaper has a long life.

One of the cautions is about cleanliness. When it gets dirty and stained, the Wallpaper loses all brightness in the decoration of the environment. To the wallpaper cleaningIdeally, gently wipe a well-wrung damp cloth and never use abrasives. Already to blot out wallpaper, there is a little secret.

A simple breadcrumb trick makes the wallpaper flawless. Just take a clean cloth, cover with bread crumbs and rub over the stained area, always making strong vertical movements. Then eliminate any remaining stain residue using a clean new frame eraser.

Okay, you have one clean wallpaperwithout stains and new again. Another interesting tip is to prevent stains on the wallpaper by cleaning every week with soap foam.

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