How to stop putting off your chores

Procrastinate, or postponing commitments, seems to be an evil that affects almost everyone at least once in their life. And as this is very harmful, we suggest some tips for you to get rid of this habit by putting these recommendations into practice. Check out 6 tips to stop postponing your appointments.

1 ? Make one ?to-do list?

An ?to-do list? It's a list where you simply write down what you have to do that day or that week. This you can do as a planning. The most interesting of it is that after doing what had to be done, you can cross out the item on the list and this gives a feeling of accomplishment.

You can also increment it with times and maximum duration stipulated for each task. This way you don't get lost in your schedules and don't waste time of day. This prevents you from wanting to procrastinate.

2 ? Do the worst first

Another useful tactic for prevent you from postponing your tasks It is doing what you consider worse before doing anything else. For example, if you hate doing the dishes and prefer to clean the kitchen, wash the dishes before you clean the kitchen.

3? Break down the big tasks

When you think of doing something that will take a lot of work, such as organizing your entire wardrobe, do you get discouraged and leave it for another time? To prevent this from happening, we suggest dividing these activities into several parts and doing a little at a time.

In the wardrobe, for example, you can divide by doors and drawers. Each day of cleaning you clean one so it never gets too tiring or discouraging.

4? Have an audience

It's much harder for you to uncheck something you have to do when you program it with someone else or when other people know you should do it that particular day and time.

For example, if you work out at home with a personal trainer, you are much more likely to be lazy than when you do one or two friends at the gym. Because in that case you would have to clear with three people and still miss a day that is already paid.

5? Beware of interruptions

When you're doing something, don't be interrupted by phone calls or checking your email on your computer. As seemingly short of your day as these little distractions can get you out of focus and discourage you from continuing your task.

6? Choose a day of the month to do what you postponed

Do you know those appointments we usually leave for later? How to go to the dentist? Choose a day of the month to do this kind of thing. Select a day and appoint dentist, hairdresser, go visit that aunt you do not like. Anyway, one day to do what you put off for so long.

Postponing activities is common, but do not be fooled by this fact. Force yourself to be true to your appointments and honor dates and times. Be disciplined and have a more organized life.

How to Stop Procrastinating (April 2021)

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