How to store food

To keep everything always well maintained, you need to know how to store food, which should go to the fridge or the pantry. Always remembering that checking the expiration dates of each product before storing everything is very important.

In the fridge

Products that require refrigeration should be stored in the refrigerator according to the temperature they require. The tips on how to organize the fridge are simple and practical.

Cold and dairy products should always be on top near the freezer. Already the foods that need less refrigeration at the bottom.

Products that are used most often should be easily accessible and always visible. Treats, seasoned meats and leftovers should be stored in lidded containers and placed on intermediate shelves.

Fruit and vegetables should be placed in drawers, preferably in plastic bags. Soft drinks, juices, water, milk, preserves, sauces and fast-food items should be stored at the refrigerator door. Frozen go to the freezer.

In the pantry

On the shelves and in the pantry are foods that do not require refrigeration. But when organizing the pantry, keep in mind that some products lose their flavor and aroma when they are too much in contact with the air, so they should always be in cool places.

Keep food away from moisture, sunlight and do not mix with cleaning agents. Each product type must be separated correctly. Cereals and their by-products should always be kept in closed jars to prevent the appearance of carrunchy (food-boring insects), teas should be kept away from strong-smelling, aroma-absorbing foods such as coffee, and spices should be be separated into individual vials.

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