How to store your jewelry

Despite their durability and strength, the jewels They need special care to keep them beautiful for many, many years. If stored in any way, they can get dirty, scratched, wrinkled and even risk breaking some stones. Check out some tips on how to store your jewelry and always have clean props.

The jewelry care start from purchase. To have a quality jewelry, you need to look for a reliable jeweler or a reputable jewelry store. Observe that the jewelry is in perfect condition, without scratches or other damage and be suspicious of very tempting offers.

The correct use of jewelry is also part of the tips on how to keep them always beautiful. When wearing jewelry on special occasions, it is best to leave the accessories on last.

Make up first, apply perfume and use products like hairspray ever before. This is because chemicals are enemies of jewelry and can damage parts, especially pearls.

Prefer to wear watches and bracelets on the arm that moves the least, this reduces the chances of scratching and kneading jewelry. Don't forget to take the jewels to bathe, get in the pool or sea, play sports or do housework. Watch out for the rings, the stones may chip or break if hit.

In the case of silver jewelry care should be even greater. It is recommended to touch them as little as possible, since the natural oil of our skin removes the shine of the jewels and leaves them with an opaque appearance.

Jewelry should be stored individually, never in a jewelry box and all together. A good alternative to how to store jewelry It is the velvet, suede or flannel bags that prevent the pieces from scratching due to contact with each other. If you can, store your jewelry in the boxes in which it came.

For clear jewelry, use a soft toothbrush, mild soap and water. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry on absorbent paper. Finally, shine with a new flannel. Avoid home recipes for cleaning jewelry, those with toothpaste, coke, teas, alcohol or household cleaners. For a more technical cleaning, it is necessary to leave the piece under the care of professional jewelers.

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