How to wear lace collar

At shirts with lace collar, also known as "pussy bow blouse", have invaded the women's wardrobe and are present in collections of major labels such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Moschino Cheap and Chic, Brioni and Jason Wu. The lace collar, a strong reference to the 1970s, usually comes with silk or satin shirts.

Sophisticated, the detail is characterized by breaking the seriousness of the piece, giving it femininity. In addition, lace collars They are ideal for producing more formal work looks: invest in tailoring combined with the medium square heel. Opt for small earrings so that they do not conflict with the detail of the collar.

Use turtleneck shirts with distinctive style pieces and fabrics it makes for irreverent looks. Versatile, they can and should be used in hi-lo combinations, ie basic parts combined with sophisticated ones. Combine like this, turtleneck shirts to jeans and sneakers. However, the lace model can also pair with lady like compositions when coordinated with tailoring pants, high waistband and midi skirts.

The seventies trend, in turn, appears in long or short-sleeved shirts, in fine fabrics of excellent fit, and can be adopted according to the trend when combined with the shades of red and coral, such as prints? like in plaid, stripes, animal print and poas? or the sober shades of off-white, white and black.

The versatility of the collar, however, is in the way the tie is tied. The two strips of neck-length fabric can form a semilaire, a pompous lace, a knot, or simply be worn loose. Whichever way it is adopted, it is a highlight for winter 2012 and promises to stay high during summer 2013.

Tips to fit the collar to the silhouette

Women of all ages are able to wear pieces with lace collars. Those with narrow shoulders or small breasts may abuse large bow ties. In this case, the more volume the better. As your upper body bulges, your shoulders and hips balance, creating the illusion that your breasts are larger.

Women with large breasts or broad shoulders, however, may wear the turtleneckbut should prefer the "V" devotee, with smaller loops, such as choosing to use the loose ribbon, making only a knot to join the ends to the center of the body, thus creating a vertical line in order to lengthen the silhouette and do not create volume in the shoulders or breast area.

According to the trend, lace collars can be adopted when combined with shades of red and coral, as well as prints.

For an elegant look, opt for noble necktie in noble fabrics and sober colors such as off-white, white and black.

J. Moore, Olivia Palermo and Claire Danes.

Jason Wu, Brioni, Moschino and Andrea Marques.

How I Wear: Lace Collars! (June 2023)

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