How to wear socket socks

At socket socks they had always been well hidden under their pants and were worn just for comfort when wearing sneakers and shoes. But that was in the past, since in recent seasons of fashion shows they appeared composing productions, from the traditional to the most stripped down.

And if before it was synonymous with inelegance to leave the socket socks on display now the new trend of how to wear socket socks It is not only limited to closed shoes, they can also be combined with sandals and ankle boots.

For this station, the differential is in the way you compose the look using the socket sockstaking advantage of the fact that they appear in various models, from thick, thin, super colored, with gloss and even matte.

The clothes that match the socks are from the urban looks worn with jeans to the most feminine. Unlike other socks, the socket It does not shorten the silhouette so much and so looks great when worn with heels, accompanied by shorts, skirts and short dresses.

For those with slender legs, the half socket She looks perfect with dresses, skirts and shorts above the knee. For women with thick legs, the tip is always to wear the sock in the same color sandal, this creates the feeling of elongated legs.

How to Use and Maintain Your Prosthetic Socks (April 2021)

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