Husband for hire

The shower has burned, the plumbing has burst, there are light bulbs that need replacing and walls that need some finishing touches.

In some homes women get their hands dirty and solve these little problems. But what about single women, single women, or even husbands who can't handle the service, what to do?

It was with this in mind that many men began to offer a new kind of service that has been very successful. surrogate husband. That's right, a delivery service that works like a? Dial-husband? to take care of some household chores.

Of a funny and somewhat curious name, the surrogate husband It is an efficient and fast service that promises to lend a helping hand and help women in the most adverse situations. There are already companies specialized in this field, but many professionals work as freelancers.

It's possible hire a surrogate husband for a few hours, enough to make the necessary repairs at home. Charging is by hour of work or by quantity and type of services provided.

THE advantage in hiring a surrogate husband You don't have to call different professionals to solve every problem in the house. This ends up making work cheaper and faster for the client.


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