Ideal makeup for every age

THE make up It is undoubtedly a great resource for enhancing female beauty even more, especially when made according to each age group, always respecting the changes of the face and the ideal shades that match the different skin types.

Makeup at 20

Almost all types of make-up are allowed for those in their twenties, just paying attention to the pimple marks that are very common in this age group. THE 20 year old makeup It should present a milder based and concealer preparation just to hide the unwanted markings of the skin and finish with compact in the? T? region. the face.

Blush should be lightly applied to cheekbones. Black women should choose blush colors closer to wine, brunettes can bet on orange and white in shades of light pink.

For the eyes, the ideal is to use a more basic and smooth make-up during the day, betting on nude and light shades, accompanied by eyelash mask and black or brown pencil, without exaggeration. For the night, eye makeup can be a little more loaded with brighter eyeshadow, mascara, pencil and brighten the corners of the eyes. One tip that further enhances the look is the kitten-style stroke on the top of the eyes or just smoky.

Makeup between 30 and 40 years

Between the ages of 30 and 40, a woman's skin is undergoing changes and signs of age are slowly beginning to appear. So you need to take some care not to make mistakes in makeup. The concealer and foundation should be applied in an amount that the skin looks natural, just hiding a few spots and expression marks. The compact powder should only be applied to the brightest regions such as the nose, forehead and chin. The blush should be gently applied vertically on the cheekbone and without loading too much.

The very colorful and contrasting shadows no longer match the makeup for woman between 30 and 40 yearsSo it is ideal to bet on nude tones during the day and more neutral and intense like brown, gray and black for night looks. Black or brown pencil and mascara should be used to enhance the look. For the lips, the ideal is to bet on nude shades for the day and a darker shade to complement the make up at night.

Makeup from 50 years

Mature women need some extra care when doing makeup. To disguise the expression lines and make the face younger, the makeup for women from 50 years should be used in a way that makes the skin look light.

The base serves to even out the skin and the concealer helps hide blemishes and imperfections. So that the expression marks are not even more evident, take it easy when applying the compact, it should only be used in the? T? of the face where the excess shine is most evident.

If the eyebrows are too thin, use the trick of thickening them with makeup, always respecting your design. Bet on opaque shadows in nude and softly smoky brown tones to brighten the look. Finish by adding more volume to the eyelashes with mascara.

The blush should be applied from the cheekbone towards the temples to give the appearance of a raised face. Try peach and salmon to give your face a younger look. On the lips, use creamy lipstick in softer tones such as nude and light pink.

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