Instant green juice

Everyone knows that in order to ensure the proper functioning of the body, maintain health and fit body, it is necessary to have a healthy and balanced diet. For this, consume fruits and vegetables Daily is essential. The problem is that many people do not have the time and much less willingness to prepare meals rich in good ingredients and that guarantee a good quality of life.

But there are some alternatives for those who want to lead a healthier life even with a hectic routine. O instant green juice It's one of them. The drink that brings a mix of healthy foods that can be consumed in a practical and easy way and still ensures great results for the body.

The greenish hue of the juice comes from the mixture of apple, kale, ginger, spinach, parsley and chlorophyll. Each of these foods has properties that are effective for the body and make the drink even richer in nutrients. Meet some of them:

  • Apple: It has fibers that improve the functioning of the bowel and collaborates in the elimination of swelling, as it is also a diuretic;
  • Cabbage: It has antioxidant action, so it fights premature aging;
  • Ginger: It is a thermogenic food, ie induces the body to expend energy during the digestive process;
  • Parsley: Contains vitamins A and C and is antioxidant;
  • Chlorophyll: Substance rich in antioxidants, also improves blood oxygenation;
  • Spinach: Rich in minerals, vitamins A and B.

What are the advantages of consuming green juice?

The powerful fruit and vegetable mix The drink acts on the elimination of toxins and helps the body to flush, burn fat and combat fluid retention, which can damage health. This drink can not be considered weight loss, but among other benefits, it promotes the loss of measures by prolonging the feeling of satiety and decreasing hunger.

How to consume instant green juice?

Instant green juice is named after it because it is a quick-to-prepare powder drink like grocery store-bought juices. It can be found mainly in health food stores.

To consume instant green juice, simply dilute the powder in the amount of water indicated by the manufacturer on the package and drink a glass daily.

A tip to get the most out of your nutrients green juice is to consume the drink in the morning while still fasting. If you prefer, consume the drink for breakfast or afternoon snack and always maintain a healthy diet and exercising. Importantly, the drink has to be consumed at the time of preparation. Otherwise, it loses its nutritional properties.

Green Juice - The Best Energy Drink! by Rockin Robin (April 2021)

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