Instant makeup

Cosmetic companies are increasingly innovating in their products to make life easier for women who want to take care of beauty without wasting much time. The modern woman has a busy life because of work, family and many other commitments, which cause many to give up the moments of taking care of herself.

And here among us, what woman wouldn't want to always be beautiful and make up without wasting too much time? Surely many would answer yes. The good news is that this is already possible thanks to instant makeup.

What is instant makeup?

THE instant makeup It's a big news that has come to revolutionize the world of beauty saving the time of the modern woman. THE sticker makeup It is surprising for its practicality in its application, because it is compact, does not make dirt and does not take up a lot of space, so it can be carried without volume in the bag.

Not all makeup items can be found in the form of a sticker, just lipstick, eyeshadow and blush with various shades and colors. As it does not have a complete line, it is advisable to make some finishes with powder, pencil, eyeliner and mascara to make up the makeup.

It is important to remember that instant makeup It is disposable and each item has a different application time, but the duration is equal to that of ordinary makeup. THE instant shadow allows only one application and one touch up, the instant blush three applications and the instant lipstick on average two applications.

If you liked the news and want to try it, cheer up. THE instant makeup has already arrived in Brazil in some cosmetics stores or in websites of imported brands, just look.

How to apply instant makeup?

Check out the videos below how practical it is to apply the instant makeup in the eyes, cheeks and lips.

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