Internet bridal etiquette

The internet has become a great tool for women who are about to go to the altar. From choosing ceremony and party details to the gift list and confirming attendance, everything can be done in one click.

However, common sense never hurts, so brides need to be alert when sharing the news on Twitter, Facebook, the wedding site or any other space on the net. Learn now the pros and cons of social networking when it comes to marriage and check out some etiquette tips for brides on the internet that will help prevent gaffes with family, guests and even the groom.

The first is to leverage your social media accounts to locate wedding providers near you. Check the profiles to see if companies offer exclusive offers to friends and followers, ask for information, but always be discreet. If you want to negotiate, always do it through private messages.

Make one wedding website. It is a space to record the event, but it can also function as a great communication channel. It can include photos and the story of the couple, testimonials from family, groomsmen and close friends.

In addition, the page may contain useful information for guests, such as times, addresses, maps and directions on how to get to the ceremony and party location, accommodation suggestions for those coming from other cities, gift lists, and more the couple wish to add.

If you prefer to have your attendance confirmed over the Internet, please do so on the wedding website or blog. Don't make the gossip of posting on social networks by quoting your friends and redirecting them to the link where they should confirm their names for the wedding, it's totally inelegant.

Don't even think about use Facebook to invite people to the wedding with the excuse of being a faster, convenient and no cost option. Stick with the good old paper invitations, which must be personally delivered or mailed.

There is nothing wrong with ask for help and the opinion of friends on social networks about colors, themes or other ideas for wedding preparations. On the contrary, it can even make wedding planning more fun. But always remember that there are certain details that depend solely on your choice.

Avoid post photos of wedding dresses while looking for the model that's right for you, unless you don't mind other people's opinions. This will probably be the most important dress of your life and so it needs to be well chosen with great care.

Listening to too many guesses can get in the way, especially if there are some unwanted responses to your post. Better not expose yourself and keep the suspense on the dress until the wedding day. If your fiancé is also on social networks and you tell a lot about the dress, you may end up talking too much and spoiling the surprise.

Anyway, the big day has come. Worry about keeping everything in order, making sure everything is going as you planned. Take time to relax in the pampering session you will receive during the Bride's Day programming and start focusing. After all, strong emotions are coming, and your social media profiles can look forward to new updates, including relationship status.

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