Invisible orthodontic appliance

When we think about correcting our teeth, the first image that comes to mind is that of a metallic smile. But this is not the only way to get a better smile. Increasingly discreet, orthodontic appliances meet any needs, including aesthetics.

Among the handsets of this new generation, the invisible orthodontic appliance It has been much sought after, especially by those who are past adolescence.

Although more expensive, the transparent orthodontic appliance It is an excellent choice for patients who resist to correct their teeth for prejudice or vanity. It is also ideal for those who prefer the device not to appear for professional reasons, such as actresses and models, for example.

O invisible orthodontic appliance It is as efficient as conventional teeth, with the advantage of almost imperceptibly correcting teeth. In this kind of aesthetic appliance, the brackets? those little pieces that stick to your teeth? They are made with materials that mimic the color of the teeth and so are much more discreet than metal brackets.

The porcelain brackets and ceramics do not usually change color during treatment, while plastics such as polycarbonate may become pigmented over time. In addition, care must be taken to maintain the elastic bandages of the appliance.

Because the erasers are transparent, they can easily pigment with dark foods and beverages, such as coffee, and should therefore be replaced often. Therefore, the main care to be taken is regarding eating habits and cigarette addiction, which can also change the color of the appliance.

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