Is it normal to decrease the number of friends in adulthood?

The hectic work, study and family routine leaves no free time for friends. As she leaves adolescence, women face the responsibilities of adulthood and with the difficult task of paying attention to all? sectors? of your life. This whole situation weakens old friendships, those that were formed at other stages of life.

It is natural to have reduced the number of friends in adulthood, Santa Cruz hospital psychologist Paula Buzzo Rodrigues explains why: Friendship is a relationship and, like all relationship If configured in a dynamic process, throughout the life, the individual goes through changes influenced by the environment? social and cultural? and friendships also change. The degree or intensity of friendship changes. These are different stages of life.

Who does not miss the playmate of the childhood and the advisor friend for teenage loves? At these times in life people broaden their network of relationships to be accepted in groups. But over the years it tries to break these ties through the loss of intimacy and personal conflict.

When she becomes an adult, the woman sets goals for her life. Some want to get married, some want to form a career, etc. Finally, conflict of interest can also be decisive for the duration of a friendship relationship. • Adult life meets the most mature goals. And that childhood friendship, for whom one had affection, is modified, which gives way to new friendships, influenced by principles and goals ?, says the psychologist at Hospital Santa Cruz.

In everyday life (with work, household chores, and the task of taking care of the family), it is becoming increasingly difficult to devote to maintaining friendship. The stress of competitiveness at work means that people do not give the coherent and true meaning to friendship, which ends up disqualifying it ?, explains Dr. Paula Buzzo Rodrigues.

Having friends is essential to maintaining a high rate of quality of lifesince every human being needs the company of a person for whom he has a good feeling.

To maintain a solid and lasting friendship, it is important to organize life in order to have time to eat, sleep, work, exercise and meet friends. "This is a way to stabilize the cognitive and emotional process of any human being," concludes the psychologist.

Guide to Maintaining Friendships (April 2021)

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