Is it possible to find love in a marriage agency?

You have certainly heard of a matchmaker, but now there are companies engaged in finding the right partner for someone else, maybe not. It's the calls wedding agencies. THE couples therapist Cláudya Toledo, who owns a marriage agency, explains that the demand for this type of service is growing due to the little opportunity to find a partner in common places.

In the past, people knew each other through a network of friends, in places like churches, school or within the family. But today, with the daily rush and focus of men and women in the career, this network diminishes when it has not completely disappeared.

The expert says that women have reached a level where they seek independence through a stable career and the power of money. With that, they only open to one serious relationship, older and just when they no longer attend schools, universities and have little time to interact with family and family friends. “It's a big mistake to think that chance will take charge of putting people in our lives. Do we have to go fight ?, says the therapist.

A little push

And the role of matchmaker (matchmaker) is precisely to provide subsidies for the individual to become successful in the emotional area as well. “People generally know little about relationships and so fail in some cases. For everything we need information and knowledge and with affective life is no different ?, explains Claudya.

Cláudya explains that when looking for the marriage agency, the candidate goes through a series of steps until he is ready to be introduced to someone. These steps include a personal interview, which defines the profile of the candidate and the wanted mate. Then psychological assessments are made and documents are presented to prove the data provided by the applicant (education, address, income, etc.). Finally, a photo shoot is held.

With this data in hand, the agency staff will diagnose and profile the candidate and present how they will work with him. • When the person is very expansive, for example, we may suggest collective meetings, workshops, or cross-referencing and indicating dating alone. But always the candidate will rely on the evaluation and proposal of the agency staff. Can't he find his partner alone? He explains.

Cláudya also says that 93% of the candidates have a college degree, 60% are women and 40% are men and the age of the candidates ranges from 25 to 60 years. Most of them are workaholic and everyone wants to live an experience of great love in a stable relationship. ?When we are looking for a great love It is important to define a profile of what we are looking for and to fight. Be socially open and dedicated to this goal, just like any other in our lives. Learn to succeed in this area and build bonds?

Check out some expert tips for finding true love and a serious relationship:

  • Decide what kind of people you want and go to places where this tribe exists. For example, if you like educated men, go to bookstores; If you are looking for a dancer, invest in parties and balls;
  • Talk about childhood and understand the values ​​that the person has acquired and values, there is a tendency to repeat;
  • Always be beautiful to attract, men's sexual password is visual;
  • If you are always exposed, everyone around you can introduce you to people;
  • Be lovely to be loved;
  • Attend every wedding party you are invited to is the best place to meet people for a stable relationship;
  • Stay away from committed men and make it politely clear that you do not intend to establish a parallel relationship;
  • Watch for signs of interest and looks;
  • To live a great love outside one has to have great emotions inside. So cultivate your emotions;
  • Always be ready to talk and pay attention, a love can come from a friendship.

? I met my great love in an agency ?, Andreza Santana, businesswoman

My name is Andreza Santana, I'm 34 years old, I'm a marketing director and businesswoman, and I've lived for a year and a half with businessman and teacher, José Renato Carollo, 47, whom I met at a marriage agency.

In 2010, shortly after spending two years abroad in an international career, traveling in Europe and the United States, I decided to return to São Paulo. I changed my job and stopped completely ignoring my personal life. I thought it was time to turn my thoughts to find love, but was it? and decided to go after it. That's when I made the decision to look for a marriage agency.

Honestly at this point I didn't even know that physical marriage agencies existed in Brazil, but a Dutch friend encouraged me by saying that this was very common in Europe and sent me to research here.

I found one and registered online, browsed the site, saw all the testimonials and got excited. On the day of the interview, there I went, half afraid, half hopeful, with some prejudice, but when I got there, I realized that it would be a safe way to "reenter the market." I also noticed that it was people like me who enjoyed the service, that is, workaholics professionals who spend a lot of time in the office and went through the flirting phase of bars and decided to? Outsource? the search.

I found all that modern, had my face. About 20 days after signing the contract with the agency, I received the call from the psychologist who was emphatic: "I met your husband yesterday!" And she told me a little about him. I thought everything was great and I met him on the spot.

Soon after, he called me and we scheduled dinner at night. I liked it right away, because I found him young, handsome and very nice. He was a charming guy, a financial entrepreneur, smart and with an adventurous side. I had already traveled by motorcycle from Brazil to Mexico. He took me to a great place, we had wine, had dinner, chattered all night and kissed each other at the end. That is, the perfect date!

The next day he called me and we left every day that week. After 20 days, we were already sharing the same ceiling! We have been together ever since and very happy. We have made three international trips and our plans are a thousand.

Not only has the marriage agency changed my personal life, giving me real love, but it has made me a "professional cupid" as I have also opened a branch to provide these services.

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