Items needed to keep hygiene up to date

We have selected a list of items every woman should have to keep her hygiene habits even when a long time goes by without being able to go home to take a shower. Check it out and choose which ones you need most to add to your bag.


The absorbent, loyal, not-so-pleasant companion of those terrible days every month are essential and perhaps the most important items on the list of what every woman should have in her purse to keep up with hygiene. Whether it's your inner or outer pads, the important thing is to have some in your bag, or at least one. This will prevent you (or some friend or co-worker) from having a bad time when you are caught off guard at a time that came at the wrong time.

Baby wipes

Wet wipes serve to maintain the hygiene of the intimate region on those days when there is no time to go home for a bath at lunch or when you end up staying for a happy hour that ends in a ballad, for long days without a bath. Of course, it doesn't have to be a habit, but using wet wipes to clean your insides can be a very practical and quick way to feel (and be) clean.

Brush, floss and toothpaste

Oral hygiene is as important as body hygiene and should be treated with such importance. In addition to causing problems in teeth and gums, poor oral hygiene can make bad impressions, after all the smile and teeth draw a lot of attention on the face.

Hair accessories

If you like to have your hair always straightened it is important to always have with you some accessories like hair bands and ticking. It is also interesting to carry with you a brush or comb to tame the strands when they are messy. Hair in order helps to give the impression that you are a clean person.

Hand sanitizer

It is also worth having in your bag some kind of hand sanitizer, after all you never know if you will touch something dirty, if you need to eat something with your hands or go through a similar situation. So have a pot of alcohol gel or sanitizing gel for hand hygiene somewhere that doesn't have water and soap available.


Are tissues very useful if you cry, sneeze, smudge your makeup? Anyway? they can be of some use when you least expect it. So it is worth having a package of tissues in your purse.

Make up

If you wear makeup you should carry the makeup with you as well as some makeup remover scarves. So if you have to extend your day, you can remove and re-make up during your journey. Sticking with the same makeup for many hours can eventually cause acne, so stay tuned.

Soap and toilet paper

Have you noticed that in many places when you go to the bathroom you have neither soap nor toilet paper? If you have both in your bag, you will avoid such difficult situations as having to choose between not cleaning yourself or getting in the grip without being able to use the toilet.


You can also renew your deodorant during the day by wiping the area with a wet wipe and rinsing the deodorant again. This prevents even the hottest days of your body from producing any unpleasant odor.

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