Kissing Wedding: Amazing Ideas for Your First Month of Marriage

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After marriage, many commemorative dates come up to celebrate the marriage of the couple. The most famous celebrations are the wedding, and among them are the kissing wedding, which take place one month after the grand ceremony.

Each wedding has its importance, but kisses stand out for being the first special date since the wedding. Its name is due to the Brazilian sweet made with condensed milk and coconut, which also refers to the loving act of kissing your beloved.

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Meaning of Kissing Wedding

Being celebrated even at the beginning of the wedding, the kissing wedding has a unique symbolism, representing the affection of a couple who is still in the post honeymoon period. Thus, the date is for both to pay special attention to their love.

To better understand the concept of the date, it is important to remember that the term boda comes from the Latin version of the word "promise," referring to marriage vows. As the wedding passes, the various weddings are being celebrated, each one representing a stage of the relationship. Thus, for each phase are assigned names of materials that represent it.

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The kissing wedding is even more special as it is the first celebration after the wedding. The name comes from the delicious Brazilian sweet, called beijinho, working as an analogy to the first month of marriage, marked by romance and sweetness.

14 Ideas to Celebrate Your Kissing Wedding

If you don't want to let the date go by, but don't know how to celebrate this special day, be sure to check out the tips below for a successful celebration.

1. Romantic Dinner

The celebration of kissing wedding is the perfect occasion to celebrate love with a beautiful dinner for two. The couple can go out and eat their favorite dishes in a sophisticated restaurant or prepare a special meal at home. Candle lights are a decoration that add a touch of romanticism to it, and ingredients like chocolate, wine and pasta are most welcome.

2. Party with friends

Who doesn't love celebrating a special date with a reunion between dear ones? Although kisses are usually only celebrated between the couple, nothing prevents you from throwing a celebration in love! Seek to invite only close friends or family? Is only about five people enough? keeping the event very intimate. And the kiss-based décor can't be missed, as it will be the soul of the party, so abuse the lipstick mouth marks, the red lip-shaped cards and the sweetly decorated kisses.

3. Kiss together

Since the name of the date comes from the traditional Brazilian sweet, nothing better than celebrating using the couple's culinary skills to prepare kisses, right? Try putting on some relaxing music, leave a stylish drink on the side and put your hands in the dough creating beautiful kisses with your sweetheart. It will be a great opportunity to rest and talk, further improving the relationship. And beyond the experience itself, in the end you will enjoy this wonderful sweetie.

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4. Photo essay

A photo shoot seems expensive and complicated, but it doesn't have to be. One way to relate even more to your soul mate is to use the anniversary of the first month of marriage to make a more informal photo shoot. You can choose to hire a photographer or take photos with your partner, keeping the experience very intimate. The important thing is that the images are very simple, just a beautiful setting and the mood of the couple. This tradition can be carried on to other weddings as well, marking all stages of the marriage.

5. Create an album

In addition to the previous topic, does not mounting a photo album sound like a good idea? It sounds simple, but celebrating a kiss wedding by sorting out photos, talking about them, and choosing the most fun can be very special. This is when you can remember the moments together, laughing and thrilling. The cool thing is to previously set aside some materials, such as glue, glitter and colored papers, so you can customize the cover or album pages, leaving it with a unique twist.

6. Special Pranks

And if you want to laugh a lot, exchanging a romantic moment with your passion, a kiss-themed wedding game is fun. Here you can create challenges, face your love, and even work together. And the highlight is the prize: lots of kiss coupons.This way, you can exchange cards that give you Eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, French kisses, among many others. It's the best way to test your better half's knowledge and still, and yield lots of kisses.

7. Romantic Movie Session

Who doesn't love to gather under the covers and watch an interesting movie? A good option to celebrate the first month is by preparing a romantic movie session. The cool thing is that you can both watch your favorite movies and choose to meet new productions. The main tip is that the list shares the same theme: love.

8. Special Kit

Giving a gift is not a must, as it is important to celebrate together, but if you would like to gift your soul mate on your wedding anniversary, a good treat is to put together a themed kit with things the other person is passionate about. For example, if your sweetheart likes skin care, how about setting up a box with some types of clay and moisturizer? If she likes to draw, try putting together a pretty sketchbook and some quality pens. It is a guarantee of success!

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9. Plan the future

As the couple is still in the first month, probably many dreams and plans are in mind. Kissing weddings can be a great occasion for a fun reunion where you can exchange ideas for months and years to come! It is a way to increase the bond between the two, as you can leave a few kisses or a tasty food next door and pinch while discussing your life together. Future travel, plans to move or have children, buy a car or bicycle, adopt a pet are some of the initiatives that can be jointly planned.

10. Time capsule

An unusual but super fun idea is to build a time capsule with messages, photos, cards and personal effects of the couple. You can use a sturdy trunk or any other firm packaging that can withstand long term weather conditions. Then just gather the assets of sentimental value, put them in the box and bury it in a safe and easily accessible place. This activity will make a few years later you dig up the capsule and have fun remembering the good times.

11. Romantic Picnic

Nothing more affectionate than a picnic. It offers an opportunity to relax in the fresh air while still enjoying great food. So have you ever thought of celebrating your wedding with a date full of tasty sweets? Choose a beautiful park full of trees and places to rest; carry a comfortable yoke; separate some decorations, such as kisses and cardboard hearts to bring a mood to it; and pack kisses to sweeten the day.

12. Give away with cute chocolates

Making chocolate is something everyone loves, and on dates that celebrate love, chocolate exchange is even more common. To slightly differentiate tradition, why not give chocolate kisses (literally) to your sweetheart? Kiss-shaped mini-bombs help you please your partner and stay on top of kisses. You can assemble a selection of your loved one's favorite chocolates and present them early in the morning to surprise them.

13. Leave home

We often find ourselves trapped in our daily routine, leaving home just to work and study. Therefore, the wedding anniversary is a good time to simply breathe new air. Take the day to have a drink, ride a bike together, rent a boat, fly a kite, go to a museum, stargaze or any other activity that suits the couple. The important thing is to have fun, relax and remember how marriage makes these beautiful moments possible.

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14. Private Concert of Romantic Songs

Some songs are so beautiful that they seem to touch the soul. So why not set aside this day to make a selection of the romantic songs that marked the couple's trajectory? You can alternate who chooses the melody and with each new song the mood of affection will spread throughout the room. And, to get even more into the theme of the wedding kiss, how about limiting the choice of songs to only those that contain? Kiss? in the lyrics? After all, what a sweet kiss she brought from afar for me? It has a place in everyone's heart!

Don't all these ideas sound amazing? Remember that you can choose your favorite celebration or even bring together different traditions and ideas, creating a unique celebration of your own!

15 Kissing Wedding Phrases to Send to Your Love

Nothing better than reading a message made especially for you. But there are times when creativity fades and we can't think of anything to write, whether to include in a message or a beautiful card.For these moments, here is your salvation: be sure to see these touching phrases to commemorate this special moment.

  1. Today is a month that I'm happy to have you by my side, congratulations on our day!
  2. The first day was unforgettable, the first week memorable and our first month wonderful, happy Wedding Kiss!
  3. Some love brigadeiro, I'm a fan of married, but the best candy is still your kiss.
  4. A month ago we took the first step to what will be the biggest adventure of our lives, happy kissy wedding.
  5. If the world ended now, I would have been very happy in the last month of my life. Happy wedding kiss!
  6. Today we celebrate our kiss wedding with the certainty that one day we will celebrate the diamond wedding. I will love you forever, my love!
  7. Being by your side is the best gift I could ever get for our first month of marriage.
  8. May the affection we share in this one month of marriage extend for the rest of our lives.
  9. Your kisses are sweeter than the best dessert in the world, happy first month of marriage!
  10. May there be many more months to be celebrated, and may I remain by your side in all of them, falling in love with you just as we did the day we met. Happy birthday to us!
  11. If this beginning was so wonderful, imagine the rest of our lives together!
  12. Today we have completed the first chapter of an amazing love story.
  13. On this date I only have two requests to make: that our dreams come true and that our kiss turns to gold. This will be the first of many to come!
  14. First month together and I already see that many more will come, congratulations on our date!
  15. One month and I already know who will receive all my future kisses. Happy birthday to us!

After all that, the desire to show your love and share lots of kisses is uncontrollable, isn't it? So don't let the date go blank and throw yourself in to celebrate the kissy wedding. The date will be so special that you can go planning for the cotton wedding!


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