Kit Make B Dudu Bertholini by The Apothecary

São Paulo Fashion Week's biggest sponsor is Make B of O Boticário, and as it should be, at the event that marks one of the most important fashion weeks in the country, the new line signed by none other than Dudu Bertholini, an eccentric fashion designer, who brought the face of the Neon brand, signed by him and Rita Comparato.

The kit and also the can where the items come from were made by Dudu, and just like the 35th edition of the event, the line promises to be a must have among fashionistas. The tin design was inspired by India and its strong contrasts that are not only the face of the country but also the face of the designer.

The line has a limited edition, and has a quartet of fluorine colors (pink, blue, green and red orange) and an apricot lipstick (orange super trend of the season). Each can costs $ 99.00 and is now available in stores and on the brand's website.

Kit Make B. SPFW - Dudu Bertholini (March 2021)

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