Kitchen Tea Party Favors: 30 Creative Ideas and Complete Tutorials

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Kitchen tea party favors is a subject that raises several questions. After all, such a special celebration deserves a treat, right? If you are planning your tea and have no idea what to offer to the guests as a souvenir, don't worry: this post is here to help.

Below you will find dozens of ideas for kitchen tea party favors, from very cheap and quick proposals to those mega creative ones. And if you want to get your hands dirty and make your own souvenirs, be sure to check out the tutorials step by step.

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25 kitchen tea party favors to surprise your guests

Biscuit, EVA, felt kitchen tea party favors, house decorating, eating? Yes, the universe of possibilities is gigantic. A tip to help you choose is to think about the theme of decoration. If it's about flowers, make a floral souvenir. If it is pink, choose this color for the reminder, and so on.

1. Whoever thinks that souvenirs need to be expensive is wrong

2. With creativity and hands-on, you can create beautiful things

3. How this easy-to-make kitchen tea party idea

4. A nice idea is to give a souvenir that can be enjoyed later

5. Like a calendar

6. Colorful Clothes Clips

7. A kit with nail polish and manicure items

8. A fragrant sachet

9. Diffuser with tasty smell

10. Or a very nice mini grater

11. Little plants are also great choices for gifting your guests.

12. Choose easy-to-care species such as succulents

13. And bet on unusual shapes, like corks

14. Or eggshells

15. Party Favors Are Also Successful

16. Like these brigadeiro cliques

17. Pudding Pots

18. Or a charming pair of teacups

19. Biscuit Kitchen Tea Party Favors Are Great Choices

20. Look how sweet!

21. Do you have needle skill? Look what a cool idea

22. Bet on felt kitchen tea party favors!

23. And if you want to make souvenirs at home, a cheap idea is to use EVA

24. The material allows for many cool creations

25. And is found in any bookstore or craft store

26. You can do it from key chains

27. And very creative fridge magnets

28. There is no shortage of simple and cheap kitchen tea party ideas, right?

29. Now just choose the one that has the most to do with your bridal shower

30. And to cherish the memories of this very special moment

Remember that the above ideas are just a small sample of everything you can do. Other interesting ideas are dishcloths, notebooks, candy boxes and scented candles.

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Step by Step Kitchen Tea Party Favors

As special as making a bridal shower is putting your care and dedication into every detail. Let's make the souvenirs? Call friends to help you and have fun together!

Easy souvenir: EVA fridge magnet

Refrigerator magnets are useful as they add a touch of decor to the kitchen and are a cheap little souvenir to make. The idea of ​​the video above has no mystery and is cute: a little apron made of EVA. You just need EVA of your favorite colors, pen, scissors, hot glue and magnet. It's worth checking out the complete walkthrough.

Charming seasoning for souvenir

Are you on the team that thinks it's important for a souvenir to be useful? Then you will love these seasoned tubes inside. The tutorial shows how to turn simple plastic tubes into a charming container, with lace and custom adhesive. And you can choose the spice to your preference, from a more traditional oregano to a mix of your favorite flavors.

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DIY? Biscuit Kitchen Tea Party Favors

Working with biscuit is fun, but it requires a bit of manual skill. The video above shows how to make a kettle-shaped key chain that is the most delicate thing. The tip to make the job easier is to have molds in the formats you need, so all the souvenirs are the same.

Walkthrough: cup of EVA

Do you know what tea is all about? Cups! This is the idea of ​​the tutorial above, which shows how to make cups of EVA. The bill of materials is very accessible: EVA sheet, pencil, scissors and universal glue. The souvenir mold is also available on YouTube.

Sponge kitchen shower favors

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The idea here is to create a very creative fridge magnet using a yellow sponge, those of everyday life. The cool thing is that with a kitchen sponge you can make four little souvenirs. Liked? Play in the video to follow the way you do it.

Do it yourself: decorated spoon

Using satin ribbon and glitter EVA you can turn a wooden spoon into a very cute and personalized souvenir. So beautiful it looks, this DIY suggestion can also be used to decorate your bridal shower.

Now that you have chosen what your souvenirs will look like, be sure to pay attention to something very important: the invitation! This post brings beautiful templates and inspirations of bridal shower invitations you will love.

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