Kitty Style Eye Makeup

A makeup with the loaded eyeliner makes the look more sexy and flashy, especially when the stroke is done correctly and close to the eyelashes.

The fashion of wearing the eyeliner while pulling the eyes well, in the kitten style has already become a fever among women. Scandals and confusions aside, singer Amy Winehouse is successful for her big voice and also for her dress and makeup. She is one of the followers of this makeup trend, which guarantees a strong look and a lot of sensuality in the look.

THE kitten style eye makeup It can be done in a variety of ways, with the end of the stroke well stretched, a thick stroke that tapers at the end, or even an upward stroke toward the eyebrow.

To choose the right way to use the kitty style eyeliner, you need to pay attention to the size and shape of the eyes. Women with large eyes should make thick strokes abusing the black or intense color eyeliner.

Women with small eyes should make fine strokes close to the eyelashes and use light pencil on the inner edge to enlarge the eyes. Women with drooping eyes should lift in the outer corner not stretching the line too much.

If you like the Amy Winehouse style makeup and want to rock around with cat eyes, check out the videos below to learn how.

HOW TO DO SIMPLE CAT EYES perfectly! (April 2021)

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