Knitted Dress: 80 Amazing Ways to Wear This Stylish Piece

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Many things come and go in the fashion world, but the knit dress is a piece that is arguably here to stay. Its versatility allows countless productions to be created without much effort or great investment, as well as ensuring beautiful and stylish looks.

If you are looking for a piece with this profile, that can serve you on many occasions, how about peek the following inspiring list and check out numerous fashionista productions loaded with style, comfort and sophistication?

1. The white knit dress is timeless and suits everything

2. The model is so comfortable that other parts are very welcome in the composition

3. This slit long is comfy's face, don't you think?

4. And can still work as a very versatile look

5. Simple dress can get a new face with striped print

6. Speaking of prints, how about imitating the refined lace?

7. A short, tight knit dress is pure sensuality

8. You'll even find sporting models to work out comfortably and safely.

9. The basic black knit cold goes well with everything

10. For those who do not give up comfort, the camision model is what

11. And the looser the better

12. If you are looking for elegance, invest in a beautiful midi

13. A high heel is the ideal partner for stretching the silhouette.

14. When the saying? Less is more? make perfect sense

15. Aren't these thin handles a charm?

16. Choosing the right accessories will further refine the look.

17. And then your knit dress ends up being part of a very neat look

18. How about investing in ruffles?

19. The gladiator sandal was the differential of this costume

20. While the red sneaker added more emphasis to the basic look

21. Tight models guarantee immediate appreciation in every beautiful curve

22. While loose models will give you more freedom in movement

23. A plaid shirt tied at the waist makes it look very casual.

24. The cold knit dress is fresh and well flowing

25. Additions of other textures further refine the look.

26. But the ribbed mesh is fuller and warmer in those cold days

27. With a boot and hat you will have an amazing result.

28. For a more modern look, how about a metallic flatform?

29. Turtleneck adds more seriousness to makeup

30. And regardless of the model, you can wear it with heels or sneakers

31. Of course, with the indispensable little flat

32. By the way, your knit dress can be worn in any season.

33. And for any purpose

34. Did it hit a cold? Just throw a parka over it

35. Are you just going to have a coffee? Let's put on a knit dress

36. Is the movie stand up? Just put a boot

37. When a Last Minute Meeting Appears, Bet on the Jump

38. See how accessories can make a difference!

39. But there are still those models that don't even need complement

40. Like this one, which has a false knot on the side of the waist

41. Speaking of knots?

42. Does anyone here still believe that a knit dress is too simple?

43. Or too embarrassing?

44. Of course there are different designs for every occasion.

45. And such usability may vary according to one's point of view.

46. ​​But the truth is that knitted dress is one of the most comfortable dresses in fashion

47. With a leather jacket and a powerful sandal, the look was pretty rock? N roll

48. The shoulder-to-shoulder model has a tailored elegance

49. Have you considered combining your knit dress with oxford?

50. And with platform sandal?

51. With sneakers?

52. Pregnant women love to wear and abuse the knit dress during pregnancy

53. Why is it, right?

54. With stockings and cardigan you will be ready for winter

55. The knit dress also suits the most diverse styles.

56. And you won't need much to suit your personal taste.

57. And you can still use your creativity to create various proposals.

58. Always ensuring your goal: to look beautiful

59. To enhance the shoulders, bet on a more dug side model

60. Or in a canoe collar

61. Overlays make the look very modern

62. In different ways

63. Just like the effect tennis + denim shirt provides

64. The opening on the abdomen of this little model even makes the dress look like a set

65. For those lazy days, a loose knit dress goes well

66. The clipping evasse also

67. After all, sometimes we just want to relax without losing our elegance

68. Here the plush vest dictated the style

69. Use the colors to your advantage to differentiate the proposal.

70The prints also help in this process.

71. Can you wear the same dress at a social event?

72. And also on a more casual occasion

73. After all, we're talking about a versatile piece, aren't you?

74. And that can still be found in the most varied models

75. If you need a wildcard in your collection, invest in a black tube.

76. But if the intention is to lengthen the silhouette, the vertical stripes are infallible.

77. Look at the incredible effect this wide belt gave the knit dress

78. Just like the fringes of this piece, leaving the look very youthful

79. You bet your knit dress will accompany you on a lot of kick

80. And you can also be successful at special events.

One thing is certain: with a knit dress in the closet, you will no longer dare say that "you have no clothes to go out". Just use your creativity and you will guarantee countless productions with the same piece!

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