Knotted Belt

O belt It remains a wildcard accessory for those who want to give a visual differentiation. Last season, he showed up with a good waistline. Now, the fashion that started this winter and promises to extend into summer 2011 is the knotted belt.

The curious but totally fashionable new way to wear the belt is to fasten it in a knot or loop shape without using the buckle. The charm is that long tip that does not reach the dowel, now it can be left loose. Use the knotted belt It is worth both to mark well waist and use in the best known way, which is in the passerby.

Enjoy the knotted belt fashionThis is a good time to take advantage of that belt that you love so much but don't have enough holes or have a broken buckle. Thin, medium and preferably very malleable belts are best suited for knotting and have a great fit.

How to wear the knotted belt

Dresses, shorts, skirts and trousers are great options for how to wear the knotted belt. Belts colors in sober tones, bright colors and darker tones should be used in winter compositions. Already the most cheerful and vivid colors, especially the neon tones, are the bets for next summer.

The most basic clothes are ideal to wear with the strapping belts, as they add a special touch without having to use many accessories to complete the look.

The best tip for match the knotted belt is to use creativity and invent countless moorings.

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