Know the different types of bathroom tiles

The main objective of the coatings, in any room of the house, is to preserve and protect the building. However, they can also be used and combined to give more beauty and elegance to parts of the home, especially the bathroom.

One of the advantages of betting on this type of material in the bathroom is that the space allows numerous variations of color combinations to create amazing effects. When choosing and buying the bathroom covering, consider price and quality.

Some coatings are more expensive and may weigh a little on the construction budget, but offer more durability, safety and a more beautiful look to your bathroom.

Another tip about the bathroom coatings Be careful about the type of chemical used in these coatings, as some may end up leaving unwanted stains.

In homes with seniors or children, it is best to prefer slightly harsher coatings to reduce the chances of someone slipping and injuring themselves.

It is also important to know that there are several types of coatings that can be used in the bathroom and what are its characteristics to choose which best suits the space in which it will be used.


O porcelain tile It is a type of pottery produced with noble raw material. This is the type of flooring most commonly used as flooring in bathrooms because it absorbs low humidity, is more durable and durable.


O marble It is also widely used as floor, wall and bathroom countertops. It is one of types of bathroom coverings more expensive and requires the application of waterproofing to last longer and decrease moisture absorption.


O granite It is a decorative rock for the bathroom that has low porosity and is waterproof, which facilitates cleaning and prevents the appearance of mold and stains.

Glass or porcelain tablet

Tablets are most commonly used in bathroom wall decor. The glass ones give the bathroom a lighter and more modern look, while the porcelain ones provide waterproofing and are more suitable for the parts that have contact with water.

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