Know the types of pantyhose yarn

The models of pantyhose They are sorted by numbering according to their hair, which range from the thinnest, barely noticeable legs, to the thickest and most visible, a great choice for warming up on colder days. Learn more about the pantyhose yarn types and here are some tips on how to use them.

Thin strands

Usually the pantyhose with fine yarn presents a hue similar to the natural skin tone when chosen in the right color. It is mostly used on cool days that are not extremely cold or in intense heat. Most women adept at this kind of thin socks like to wear to? Disguise? spots or marks not evident and make the legs more beautiful.

The numbers of the fine yarns range from the smallest, 7 to 20. There are also variations such as yarns 10, 13 and 15, which can be found from the skin color shade, which is lighter to black to dark

Thin string pantyhose is great for pairing with productions where your legs are naturally exposed without looking like your socks. If you prefer to discreetly highlight your legs, bet on the black-colored stocking. As the sock is very delicate, you must be very careful when dressing not to pull any yarn.

Thick wires

THE thick pantyhose It is right bet to keep your legs well protected on winter days. With it, it is possible to wear pieces such as skirts and dresses even on the coldest days. The numbering of the wires ranges from 40 (widely used by ballerinas), to 60, 70 and 80, where the wires are thick and very visible.

Although thick black stockings are the most common and preferred among women, there are a variety of types and shades that can be chosen to suit your taste or even to match your look. They can have intense colors such as burgundy, dark green, navy blue, red, gray, eggplant, brown or even with checkered pattern, dust, stripes, mixed, fluted, among others. The pantyhose yarn can also be chosen from opaque or microfiber effect.

Very thick wires

And if you thought the 80-threaded pantyhose was the thickest, you were wrong. There are even thicker yarns, ranging from 110 to 150, that can be worn on extremely cold days or even as leggings because the yarn type is different, not branded and quite comfortable. Very thick socks can also come in a variety of shades, prints and finishes.

What's more, wire pantyhose 140 can also be found as a type of medical therapeutic sock, also known as compression pantyhose, widely used in postoperative varicose veins or plastic surgery to shape the body in the first months of pregnancy or sedentary. It ensures relief of circulation and other side effects of the legs and ensures good results. These are usually only found in shades according to your skin color.

Different wires

For those women who like to dare in production and make the look even more sensual or rocker style, the fishnets It has a different kind of wire, with openings ranging from the most widely spaced and the largest to the smallest and most close. The colors of the fishnet range from white, red, gray, brown and black, which is the most classic and widely used to compose more elaborate productions.

In addition to the regular pantyhose, there is also the sock ?, with the length that ends in the thighs, much used by pin-up characters to add a sexier touch to the look. There are a variety of models with barred or alloy lace details to complete with the garter belt. The sock? It can also be found in simpler models, to complete everyday production even with a dress where the length is slightly below the thighs (so as not to be too obvious and look vulgar). This is the ideal pantyhose type for women who are bothered by classic models.

THE sock ¾ Is it a little smaller than? and ends at the ankle, in the same half socket style. It's a great choice to wear with that thinner shoe like scarpin, peep toe, boots, ankle boots. In order not to spoil the production, the sock ¾ should be worn with trousers or so that the shoe has the longest pipe, the height of the sock.

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