Krav Maga: Protect Yourself From Violence by Learning Self-Defense Techniques

You may have heard of some Hollywood celebrities who have benefited from Krav Maga practice. Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie ?. And in Brazil, the actor Daniel de Oliveira, Babi Xavier and Bruna Marquezine.

But, do you know exactly what Krav Maga is? Who is it for, what are its main benefits and concepts?

Master Kobi Lichtenstein, president of the South American Krav Maga Federation, introducer of the sport in Latin America, a direct student of the creator of Krav Maga (Imi Lichtenfeld), explains that Krav Maga was created as a self-defense and thus established itself. as art. "In order to give anyone, regardless of gender, age or fitness, the ability to defend themselves," he says.

Kobi Lichtenstein points out that anyone can practice. “Physical size is of no importance at all. Krav Magá was created so that anyone can learn their techniques and, with little training time, can perform them in real situations ?, he says.

A little history of Krav Maga

The Krav Maga was created by Imi Lichtenfeld, who fought in Nazi resistance groups in Europe, migrated to Israel, and became the creator of a defense philosophy, adopted to this day as the only Israeli defense philosophy. Without choreographic movements, aesthetic concern or rules of ring fights, it is based on the movements of the human body, aiming to reach the opponent's sensitive points, using the laws of physics to increase the power of blows; ensuring its efficiency regardless of the size of the aggressor ?, highlights Kobi Lichtenstein.

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Rotem Lichtenstein, president of the Bukan School, explains that Imi Lichtenfeld retired from the Israeli army and decided to fulfill his old dream, which was to create a martial art dedicated solely to self defense. He opened two dojos in Israel and chose 10 students, and together with them developed and created Krav Maga. In 1977, along with his senior disciple Yaron Lichtenstein, he opened the Bukan School, which aims to maintain the original Krav Maga of Israel. Today Bukan operates worldwide, with instructors and students in 14 countries. In Brazil, it arrived in 2005 and today the school has more than 2 thousand students ?, he says.

According to Master Rafael Portella, International Director of the Brazilian Combat Advanced System, National Director (Brazil) of the World Self Defense League (Naharya / Israel) and Director of International Relations and Vice President of the Krav Maga Real Combat Department (Brazilian Confederation) Combat-CBC), Krav Maga literally means contact combat.

? Its main feature is the concept of simultaneity, maximum effectiveness, discarding everything that can not be functional when it comes to the defensive aspect, which we call real combat ,? says Rafael Portella.

“Our founder, Imi Lichtenfeld, has synthesized all of his combat knowledge gained through long years of research and diverse training, including concepts of anatomy, physiology, applied neuroscience, and more. To formulate what we would later call Krav Maga ?, adds Portella.

Today, Portella points out, Krav Maga is not only practiced by Israeli military forces, but also by many groupings around the world. "Because it is a fast, effective system without technical flourishes, many women have been looking for Krav Maga, not only physical conditioning, but also the self-defense, gaining more confidence and well-being," he says.

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The basics and basic concepts of Krav Maga

Rotem Lichtenstein explains that Krav Maga is a martial art dedicated solely to self-defense, and is the only one of its kind in the world. "Does that mean we don't spend time?" with fights, competitions, rules etc. We teach our students to defend themselves against violent situations on the street when someone tries to rob us, hurt us or worse. We learn defenses against punches, kicks, bottlenecks, grabs, knife attacks, stick, gun threat, and other situations that can happen on the street ?, he says.

Kobi Lichtenstein says that the principle is to reach the sensitive points of the aggressor, who has the same vulnerability and sensitivity regardless of his physical size, and gives a simple and objective answer to those who are defending themselves. "The points are pointed in class, and were defined from studies of human anatomy," he says.

Professor Avigdor Zalmon, chief instructor and responsible for art teaching in the State of São Paulo, summarizes as main definitions and concepts of Krav Maga:

  • Krav Maga is the self-defense of the Israeli army.
  • The blows are short and aim to reach the sensitive points of the body.
  • Students are not taught to beat, but to defend themselves. Therefore, learning is only used in case of aggression.
  • Krav Maga does not require physical strength.
  • The student strikes the perpetrator at their sensitive points with the highest velocity and the highest weight transfer towards the target.

Rafael Portella adds that there is still a philosophy of life surrounding the practice of Krav Maga. We seek the full understanding of the natural potentialities of human beings, aiming to adjust our instincts, achieving greater balance in our daily actions. It was a dream of our founder that all people could avail themselves of the right to life and the ability to defend themselves from any situation or threat, but preserving its primordial essence as being aware of its weaknesses and limitations, and its moral attributes? say.

What is Krav Maga's class like

Krav Maga's class usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. It consists of 10 to 15 minutes of warm-up and the rest is the teaching of techniques, exercises and defenses.

According to Kobi Lichtenstein, classes simulate real situations. "To facilitate gradual learning, you use boxing bags, dolls, tennis balls, slippers and other objects," he says.

Two classes per week are easily incorporated into our routine and are sufficient for learning. After three months with only twice a week, the results are felt and after six months the student already has the ability to defend against common attacks. Of course this time varies for each one, but is this the average we have reached ?, highlights Kobi.

The uniform used, according to Kobi, is white kimono pants and white T-shirt, both with the Federation logo, which provides greater identity. “We encourage the idea of ​​family, the Krav Maga family, and the uniform is a tool for that. Fight shoes are optional?

Portella stresses that Krav Maga's technical arsenal is extremely broad with particular and distinct characteristics that fundamentally define it as a self-defense system. ? In its syllabus are taught and applied traumatic blows of punches (Egrof), kicks (Beitat), elbows (Marpec), immobilizations and keys (Manofe), strangles (ranicá), grips (tifisa), bearings (guilgul), falls (Blima) etc ?, exemplifies.

We also work the application of techniques until the exhaustion and understanding of each step that compose it for its correct application in real combat. At more advanced levels, we have begun to study and apply various other mechanisms, such as the use of improvised bladed weapons, as well as jungle military training, urban and military combat, and firearms?

Meet some Krav Maga scams

In the video below, you can see examples of situations where scams learned from Krav Maga are very important.

Rotem Lichtenstein points out that in Krav Maga there are thousands of movements that prepare one for any possible situation on the street. “The movements are based on the biomechanical principles of the human body, which means we always try to make the most of the strength and speed our body can produce. Our first rule is always to look for the shortest path and the highest speed ?, he says.

Benefits of Krav Maga

About the many benefits that the practice offers, Professor Avigdor highlights:

  • The Krav Maga is a? Way of life? where the student learns to overcome physical and mental obstacles and becomes a winning person;
  • Through training, the student regains self-confidence;
  • Recovers or improves self-esteem;
  • Learn to control yourself;
  • Learn to respect others;
  • Learn to work better as a team.

Kobi Lichtenstein points out that losing weight is not the goal of Krav Maga, but it is obviously an added benefit of the practice.

Testimonial of practitioner

Elaine Reis, 35, a lawyer and mother, says she has been practicing Krav Maga for about five months. “I'm still a beginner, but I've learned a lot in those few months. It is a very effective self defense because it works with the sensitive points of the body. As a woman, do I recognize its usefulness in every class and every lesson the teacher gives us?

? I already knew the self defense of reports and some videos from the internet, but as there is not in my city (Paulínia) and only in Campinas, I took too long to start the practice. However, earlier this year we had a tragedy in our circle of friendship, a dear friend was stabbed to death in a robbery, like so many that we see every day and I definitely realized that it was time to start, I did an experimental class and I never stopped ?, says Elaine.

Regarding the benefits, Elaine points out:? In addition to fitness, stretching, balance, which are worked out every class, works a lot of confidence and speed. As a woman I feel better prepared to face the challenges of daily life with courage, besides attending a gym, which already facilitates the search for a healthier and more balanced life. All work aims to unite body and mind, regardless of age or physical characteristics, being indicated for everyone and, in my opinion, especially for women ?, says.

“Even when I started I believed that I would find a group with many women which did not happen, causing me great surprise, because we are the biggest victims of violence in general, being a report of violence against women every seven minutes in the country. As the experience has been very positive, I have spread and encouraged friends and family to start. Do I recommend it to all women here ?, adds Elaine.

Now you know exactly what Krav Maga is, what its main concepts are, and how practice can be helpful in the lives of men and women.

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