Laundry care

The washing machine is almost magical equipment, but if you want your clothes to stay new for longer, you need to take some time to take care of the washing. This is because the machine cycle can be aggressive and end up potentiating the action of soap and other products used, damaging the most delicate parts or those that need special attention.

To avoid the rapid wear of your clothes, check out some tips now.

Choose the ideal soap type

O washing powder It is the result of a combination of alkaline bases and fats. It serves to? Break? water molecules, making it better penetrate the tissue. Does it work very well in places that have the call?soft water?, with low concentration of calcium and magnesium, because these elements prevent the breakdown of molecules.

On the other hand, in places that have?hard water? ? With high levels of magnesium and calcium concentration, the best option is to prefer detergents, which contain agents capable of deactivating hard water components. The laundry detergents They are synthetic compounds, usually derived from petroleum and other non-greasy elements.


THE bleach It should be used together with washing powder or detergent, because it enhances the action of both. It is the main compound of most bleaches and is used to remove stains and dirt, make white pieces whiter and even revive the colors of some fabrics.

The most common type is liquid, most popularly known as bleach. Made from chlorine, it is also the cheapest, but it cannot be used on all types of fabric. Other than that, there is oxygen-based bleach, which is safer to use on any fiber, texture and even color. Before using any of them, test a small area of ​​the fabric to avoid damaging the garment.

Fabric softeners

Fabric softeners are good allies for lowering the static electricity of clothes and avoiding those? Balls? that form over time. They also help to make the pieces more fragrant longer.

Despite widespread use among housewives, fabric softeners they can end up causing stains if applied directly to the parts. Therefore take care to dilute the product correctly in water and only use the amount indicated by the manufacturer.

Another precaution to take is with allergies, especially if the clothes you are washing are of a baby.

Laundry care tips to keep your garments looking perfect (March 2021)

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