Lazing is good for health

Every day is always the same thing: the alarm clock rings early, you roll up five more minutes in bed, but then you have to get up the courage to get up. After all, you have to go through the routine and the tasks of the day can not wait. And to wake up well and relaxed, nothing better than a good sprawling.

It may seem strange, but the simple act of lazing is good for your health. And the reasons for making that good stretched out on the body An indispensable habit are several.

The first among benefits of stretching is that movement wakes up the brain. The muscles stretch, the blood circulation is activated and tells the brain that the moment of rest is over.

Lazing is also a good way to lubricate and keep your joints in order and preserve body flexibility. When stretch It becomes a daily habit, decreases headaches and body and reduces the risk of injury.

And the best: stretching causes a huge sense of pleasure. That's because when muscles stretch, they release endorphin, a well-causing substance, and serotonin, which activates memory and body disposition, giving us the pleasure to face a busy day.

The Science of Laziness (April 2021)

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