Lean behavior

We live the illusion that thin weight brings happiness, and consequently the pursuit of that goal has become a goal for thousands of women.

Chaos has settled in our society, the pursuit of slim bodySlim and spotted. Women and men obsessed with the idealization of achieving this sculptural body do not realize that the solution depends only on behaviors that we choose to have in our daily lives when we relate to food.

Develop skinny behaviors It is the first step to lose weight, and to make the lean concrete body maintenance. This process requires learning new behavioral behaviors.

Are we looking for change?

? Realistic goals will give you time to familiarize yourself with new food proposals, and not give up easily. Set a deadline, and propose to lose weight slowly, thus managing to maintain the lost weight every month. Remember, losing weight is easy, the hard part is maintaining it;

? Exchanges must occur consciously. Do not pity you for your choices, think that it is your choice to reach the weight that will make you feel good, and this process depends only on your behaviors about food;

-When sitting down to eat when opening the fridge, remember to ask yourself: Am I hungry, or in the mood to eat?

? Hunger is a strange feeling you feel in your belly. Some report that it is as if the walls of the stomach touch with such hunger (or knot in the stomach); and desire to eat, is that sensation without certain explanation, then you eat, eat again, and the feeling of wanting to continue eating, does not pass.

? It's important to think, and if you just want to eat, try a relaxing bath, make that phone call to a friend you haven't seen for a while, have a drink of water, talk to your kids, husband, boyfriend, and think about what you're feeling. , so that you do not use your food in a way that makes you fat and satisfies a need that is not for nourishment but to alleviate some bad feeling or unpleasant situation you are currently experiencing;

? Condition yourself to write down all your meals, the time, the amount, and who you are with, in order to identify feelings related to the amount of food you eat, and the situation you are in at the time of eating;

? Take every opportunity to climb stairs, and enjoy walking. A good strategy is to take your dog for a walk, bike, dance, among other activities that give you pleasure.

This process of acquiring new behaviors will help you develop a repertoire of strategies that you will apply to your eating routine in a way that is appropriate to your reality. losing weight and maintaining the desired weight. This paper aims to address the emotional issues related to overweight / obesity.

Remember, there is no magic, there is the option of seeking a better relationship with your weight, with you and your self-esteem.

Lean Behavior Based Safety: A 30 Minute Overview (April 2021)

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