Learn how to do carré, the knot of fashion

The scarf is a very versatile piece that looks good on all occasions. The accessory is a key piece in the wardrobe and, depending on how it is worn, can give you a more chic or stripped look.

It can be used to make the look tied at the neck, the strap of the bag and also as a hair accessory with different types of lashings. For this summer, the fashion is to use the carré style scarf.

The carré, which in French means square, is a scarf model that can be worn tied with a side knot, complementing hairstyles such as bun, side hair, braid, back bangs or shredded models. With more elaborate hairstyles, it is classic, with loose hair gives a more casual look.

Brightly colored patterned scarves are the face of summer and when tied with a carré knot make the look even more modern and charming.

How to tie the carré scarf

Check out a step-by-step illustration to learn how to tie a handkerchief on the head with the fashion knot.

How To Tie The Hermes Pirate Fleur - J'aime Mon Carre (June 2023)

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