Learn how to troubleshoot humidity at home

With the arrival of rainy seasons, the moisture In homes increases significantly and in the most severe cases, leaks occur that generate mold and damage the painting of the walls. Besides being a problem in the look of the house, humidity also causes health problems, because the excessive humidity It is a favorable environment for the proliferation of fungi.

For decrease the humidity of the house, leave doors and windows open for a while to ventilate the rooms, then close and do not open any more to prevent further moisture from entering. This habit should be maintained on wetter days, but when the weather is drier, windows and doors may remain open.

Use alcohol and a cloth to clean floors and the wall. To remove fungus, clean with a bleach solution. The upholstery should be wiped with a vinegar-dampened cloth, but it should be well wrung so you avoid the spread of dust mites.

In case of crevice infiltration In windows, in cracks that appear after a renovation or even in cracks in roofs, the most important is to seal these water passages. Silicone sealant is a great alternative to create barriers against moisturebecause it adheres even between different materials, allowing full sealing of the area. For deeper cracks or cracks in roofs, it is advisable to use suitable sealants for these materials, preferably with immediate sealing power.

However, if the problem of humidity in the house is very serious and is already causing dripping or leaking and if the mold has already covered many parts, it is best to look for a company that specializes in sealing these water passages and mold removal.

How to reduce HUMIDITY and get rid of MOLD on or OFF GRID ~ works after HURRICANES (April 2021)

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