Learn to alleviate major foot problems

After a full day of work, that mega party or even a day of shopping, it is almost certain that the first part of your body that will suffer the effects will be your feet. This is because they carry the full weight of our body and do not always receive the necessary care. With the help of professionals, we selected the most common foot problems, their causes and indicated treatments.

Heel pains

The uncomfortable heels can be caused by wearing inappropriate shoes or playing sports on very hard surfaces. In these cases, the pain usually disappears after rest. Watch out if this happens, change your shoes and place of activity.

If pain persists seek medical attention as it may be a sign of a more serious problem such as callosity, plantar warts and plantar ulcers. Dermatologist Barbara Uzel, from Anchiet Hospital (DF) says that orthopedic diseases can also cause pain in this region. "First it is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis of the problem and then institute the appropriate treatment," he explains.


At foot cracks usually caused by dryness of the region. "To avoid, use daily special moisturizers based on urea, ammonium lactate and ceramides," explains Barbara. It is common that cracks also affect women after menopause or are caused by skin allergies. If even with hydration the problem persists, see a dermatologist.


At mycoses they are usually caused by fungus. The most common are called dermatophytes. Mycoses can be transmitted by other people, pets or the environment itself. Ideally, treat with problem-specific ointments and always keep your feet well dry after bathing.


THE flaking feet It can be caused by an inflammation and it will accelerate skin renewal. In this case dermatological treatment is recommended. For minor peeling, a weekly exfoliation with a specific foot product is indicated. "The cream should have a medium grain to control the production of keratin, but without harming the skin," explains Paula Carvalho, coordinator of the Center for Studies and Applied Cosmetology (CECA-SP).


At blisters on the feet These are usually the result of skin friction with the shoe or sock. To avoid them, wear comfortable and well-fitting shoes. If the blisters have not burst, protect them with bandages and they will heal on their own. In case of burst use antiseptic and make a bandage.
• Blisters can also be manifestation of bullous skin diseases and are usually severe. But only the dermatologist is able to differentiate them and suggest the treatment ?, concludes Barbara.

Unpleasant odors (stinky feet)

Nothing worse than suffering from this problem, but it has a solution. The unpleasant odors they are caused by the breakdown of sweat, normal bacteria and fungi on our skin accumulated in socks and shoes. In this case, hygiene with talcum powder, antiperspirant foot care and always wearing clean socks is recommended.

Finally, Paula Carvalho gives a precious tip for a moment of pleasure and foot care. • In the bath apply an exfoliator, gently massaging the feet for a few minutes. Rinse. Then sit down and put your feet in warm water, doing a feet scald. One may or may not use a specific soap for this. Let the feet soak for 5 minutes. Will the blisters give a feeling of relaxation and relief from tiredness? Enjoy.


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