Lies You Should Never Tell Your Doctor

When it comes to health, distorted information can endanger treatment or even aggravate serious illness. The relationship between doctor and patient must be honest. Keeping secrets can be dangerous, especially since the omitted information can be the source for a correct diagnosis.

There is no reason for shame or fear, much less for embarrassment. The doctor's job is to defend your health, not to judge or question your habits. Meet now some of lies that people tell the doctor and understand why one must always tell the truth.

? Nothing has changed since my last visit?

When your doctor asks “What's new?”, It is not just about symptoms and episodes of malaise, but about how you feel overall. This is because a strained relationship, problems at work, or excessive worry about finances can subject the body to chronic stress.

Extended periods of stress They can have serious effects on the body such as high blood pressure, migraines, heart palpitations and digestive problems. In women, cortisol, which is the stress hormone, can also alter the levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones.

If you are experiencing stressful situations, tell your doctor. He may suggest relaxation alternatives, such as exercise and yoga, and refer you for psychological counseling.

?I feel good?

Many women struggle with depression, but do not recognize that they need help. Persistent feelings of sadness, guilt, despair and irritability are some of the symptoms that depressed women insist on hiding from their doctors.

It is very important to tell your doctor about any significant mood swings, thoughts or behaviors that affect your ability to function at home or at work, difficulties in relationships with friends and close people.

Discarded causes such as viruses, thyroid disorders, or medication side effects will probably require a psychological evaluation. There are many treatment options, including therapy and use of antidepressant medications.

Am I not taking anything?

A homemade recipe here, a natural remedy from there, and medicines that seem unimportant to you, may have another meaning for doctors. The wrong combination of some medicines, herbs and supplements can damage your health.

Excess vitamin C, for example, can cause heartburn. Vitamin D, in turn, contributes to kidney stone formation, ginseng combined with antidepressants increases the risk of fever and seizures. Therefore, before consulting with the doctor, make a list of everything you have been taking.

?I do not smoke?

By not lighting multiple cigarettes often, many people do not consider themselves smokers. But in fact, if you smoke even occasionally, your doctor needs to know. Cancer is a major concern, but circulation problems deserve the same attention.

In the case of women, redoubled care, especially those using the birth control pill. The estrogen found in the composition increases the risk of blood clots.

Do I follow a healthy diet?

The incredible range of miracle diets It leads women who want to lose weight quickly to take extreme measures. The pounds may even be noticed, but the body suffers from the damage of these crazy and totally wrong diets.

If diet cannot provide the amount of protein needed to generate new cells and tissues, for example, the body begins to burn muscle tissue, including the heart muscle. This can lead to heart palpitations, arrhythmias and many other problems.

If you want to slim down to get in your favorite jeans or enjoy a beach vacation, start preparing in advance. There is no point in wanting to lose weight in the short term and end up harming your health. Ideally, look for a dietitian who will work out a safe eating plan that will help you achieve your goals and stay in balance.

Do I always use condoms?

Assume: You and your boyfriend don't always protect yourself, do you? It happens, but the problem is when it recurs more often than you should even know the risks of unplanned pregnancy and STDs.

Your doctor needs to know that you had unprotected sexit doesn't matter whether with one fixed partner or with several.Sexually transmitted diseases are not always evident, some act silently and rarely cause symptoms.

This is the case of HPV, which if left untreated can permanently damage the reproductive organs and cause fertility problems. So don't be shy about talking about it.

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