Lip enhancing makeup

Increase lips or even mouth size is not a secret reserved only to makeup professionals; You can also learn tricks to make your mouth more seductive. Come on?

Is it important? the natural shape of the mouth for a new one to be designed, so apply a concealer over the mouth and let it dry. Apply now the foundation to even the skin tone. Remember not to leave excesses or marks. You can complement the skin coverage by applying a small amount of powder.

Now we need to define a new lip outline as well as a new shape. For this you have two options: one is to use a mouth brush that offers a precise contour or another way to obtain in the new result is the choice of lip contour pencil. Whatever your choice, the procedure is the same. It's super easy and fast!

Using the mouth brush or lip contour pencil, draw or outline the mouth so that this new contour is no more than 2 millimeters out of its natural shape. It is important to remember that a larger contour than this can leave an artificial and heavy look to the makeup. To make this? New? contour, you will be able to observe the natural shape of your mouth and draw the contour just beyond the natural line, making the natural shape follow orientation so that you can make this new contour.

Now that you have defined a new lip contour It's time to fill your lips with lipstick. To apply this product simply and quickly, apply it directly to the bullet (stick), respecting the new lip contour.

The darker the lipsticks, the more evident the mouth becomes. Shimmering lipsticks add extra volume because they have light-diffusing pigments, but are not recommended for those who have creases or creases around their lips.

The gloss offers volume due to the varnished and wet shine. Apply it only to the center of the lips. If you don't want to change the color of the lipstick and still apply a gloss, the tip is simple: choose a crystal or transparent gloss. Always apply the gloss with your fingertips to avoid dirtying the applicator that comes with the product.

There are some products on the market that offer volume through vasodilation. The effect is mild and temporary, so it is not a treatment product, it is meant to beautify. Volume lipsticks cause blood vessels in the lip region to dilate, increasing the volume of blood in this region. The product is harmless, of course; But abroad you can find the same volume with more swelling agents. Worth a try.

Invest a lot in your lips, use lipstick all the time and play with colors.

Good luck!

5 EASY WAYS TO MAKE YOUR LIPS LOOK BIGGER! | Rachel Leary (April 2021)

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