Lists that make a woman's life easier

Have you ever been lost in the midst of a lot of things you had to do and didn't even know where to start? Or, was a product missing when you were baking a cake and it got bad because of it?

This kind of problem is common. We have so much going through our heads, problems, responsibilities, work, affective life, children, husband and so on that we end up doing things as we realize the need and we never get organized to do it in a more practical way.

In order to better organize your life and important information that you usually only memorize, we suggest that you adopt the lists. Using lists, instead of memorizing everything, is a great way to relax your mind a little and use it for what is really needed.

Emergency Phone List

This list is very important. This should include not only emergency numbers such as fire, police and ambulance, but also the numbers of relatives and friends that can help in emergency situations. Make sure these numbers are also in your phone book and everyone who lives with you.

List of rules, habits and allergies of homeowners

This list is very useful for families with children or teenagers. In it you can describe the house rules, customs and also add information such as allergies that everyone who lives in the house has and cooking preferences. A nice place to leave this list is with a magnet on the fridge so everyone will have access to it.

List of ideas and plans for the future

This list is very good to keep you from putting aside things you want to do and plans for the future. Always say you ever want to take painting classes? Write it down. Give due importance to your dreams and plans and don't let them come and go before you realize them.

Shopping list

Shopping lists help you make shopping easier and don't let anything go. Make permanent lists of everything you have ever purchased and use these lists for future purchases. So from a list of everything you need in the house, you can analyze what's missing and write in the weekly or monthly shopping list.

List of things to do

Do you know that bunch of things you have to do tomorrow, and always end up leaving one undone? The night before or the morning of the day you have a lot to do, make a simple list of things to do, put them in order of time and place, so you get organized and don't waste time in traffic and wondering what's next. to do.

List of stores you like

Making a list of your favorite stores makes shopping easier. List favorite shoes, clothing, cosmetics, and so on. This saves you time in choosing which ones you want to go to. You can also list the location of stores so you can make a road map of where to go when shopping.

Birthdays List

Knowing the birthday of close relatives and friends is very important and since you can't just rely on social networks to remember the days (your grandmother, for example, may not use the internet), it is recommended to make a list with the birthdays of who really matters in your life. Store the list in a place where you will remember to check from time to time.

Choose the lists that best fit your lifestyle and adapt them or create your own lists. Make the most of this simple and practical tool and make your life easier.

The "Un" To-Do List for Women (How to Be Less Stressed) (April 2021)

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