Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses: Stylish Option for Stylish Women

The long-sleeved wedding dresses are fashionable and very elegant and sophisticated, says image and style consultant Fernanda Maranho.

She also adds that the long sleeve is a great feature for winter-married brides, allied with tight-fitting or lined fabrics, but long-sleeved wedding dresses can also be worn any season.

One of the advantages of the long-sleeved dress is that it is ideal for religious ceremonies in places that have stricter dress rules as it helps to better cover your lap and back, but it also depends a lot on the neckline you choose.

Another plus point is that this model makes the production more sophisticated, referring to the dresses of modern princesses, such as Kate Middleton.

On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage of this dress is that in places where the weather is hot most of the year, the model can let the bride get hot, especially if the ceremony and party environments are not climate controlled.

In these cases, the ideal is to opt for models in lighter fabrics and sleeves made of fresh material, such as tulle and lace. This is an alternative for those who want to wear long sleeves but do not want to suffer from the high temperatures. Another idea is to bet on 3/4 sleeve dresses. Their effect is very similar to long-sleeved dresses and are less warm because they cover less the arms.

What accessories should I wear with the long sleeve wedding dress?

The consultant Fernanda Maranho advises about the accessories:? As the dress already draws enough attention by the model, avoid wearing bracelets and necklaces. It is suggested to combine it with a nice pair of earrings or head accessories.

This care should be taken especially in cases where the dress has embroidery near the lap and sleeves, either in the whole sleeve or just in the cuff. These details enrich the production enough, so it is not necessary to adorn these body parts with other accessories. Here are some powerful earring suggestions to complement your bridal production:

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In Dafiti for R $ 379,90

In Dafiti for R $ 299,90

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Long sleeved dress suits you?

There are no restrictions on the physical type. What will influence will be the neckline and the model of the dress, not the sleeves. By the way, long sleeves are great for those who are overweight because they disguise the volume of the arms. says consultant Fernanda.

Therefore, if you are thinking of adopting the model for your ceremony, try to choose a neckline that enhances your body and so your long sleeve wedding dress will be in perfect harmony with your physical characteristics.

Photos: 10 long sleeve wedding dresses

Check out some models from internationally renowned designers and get inspired when choosing your dress for the big day.

Short Sleeve Long Bridal Dresses

For civil marriage, or even for less formal ceremonies, the short or medium dress may be a good option if the bride does not wish to wear the traditional long dress. And in long sleeve models, these dresses gain even more glamor and sophistication, making your bridal production very elegant.

When opting for these models, bet on delicate sandals or scarpins. The colors can be white, rosé, aged gold or silver and this choice also impacts the choice of accessories, which should follow the same line of shoes. Models with thin straps are perfect for romantic brides, while thin-tipped scarps match more with bold brides.

As with the long ones, with the short ones it is also recommended to avoid bracelets and necklaces and it is encouraged to bet on powerful earrings and hair accessories. The rules are the same for use. If you liked the idea of ​​wearing a short sleeve, here are some models that may inspire you to choose yours.

Once you have chosen the style of dress you want for your wedding, the next step is to go to the stores to try on many models, very patiently and without letting anxiety overwhelm you. This ensures that the process will be enjoyable and that you will be able to choose the model that really enchanted you. Once purchased or rented, just wait to enjoy your big day. Good marriage and best wishes to the couple!

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